Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks, My Way

Although I've been following the every day "thankful" posts on Face Book, I just haven't been into the daily grind of stopping to think about just what all I am thankful for...which is a shame. Because I really am very thankful every day, for so many things that I take for granted. If I were to seriously just stop, put everything else on hold, there is no telling what all I could think of that I should be grateful/thankful for on a daily basis.

So this morning, as I sat in the nice, warm, cozy kitchen of my friend that I had not seen in too long, watching her as she made her Jellies and Jams, and we chattered and shared about one thing or another, I thought about just how lucky of a girl I really am. My friend and I both have blogs, and we both spoke about our lack of dedication in keeping them up. She's been too busy between her regular job teaching 4K and her Jam business, which has taken over the other part of her life, as well as raising two of the most exceptionally intelligent and multi-faceted children that I have ever known. And I, while I believe I have those same two identical children, I haven't written with any semblance of continuity for the simple lack of heart, rhyme or reason.

When giving thanks, everybody names off the obvious, your family, your parents, your children, so my list of thanks today begins with the not so obvious..and it goes a little like this:
I am Thankful :

For all my friends, with so many varied personalities and traits, that accept me for who I am, and enjoy hearing what I have to say, and how I feel, including all the good, bad, and ugly, the bluntness, the over-protectiveness and the ever mainstay of loyalty that comes with having me for a friend.

For the dreariest of days that come along, for without them, who would really know how wonderful the sunshine is? How amazing it's warmth can breathe new life into tired and battered bodies? And it's brilliance shining on a body of water can make the soul feel loved and youthful again with memories of summers past.

For my vehicle which not only takes me to and from work, but very quickly to hospitals when its' emergency rooms are needed, to vacation spots that will revitalize our energy level and give us some must needed rest, and to Grandma's house, the house that brings back childhood memories the minute you smell vanilla and spices coming from the special oven that only Grandma's own. 

That I can hear, even if it is a bunch of loud, thumping, rapping music playing so loud I can't hear myself think as the vehicles circle my block. And though I can't understand much of what they are "singing" and the rest I don't want to know, I can hear it.

For cameras that freeze moments and life in time. That I can look backward anytime I want to, and still see the happiness, the sadness, and the love that make my life everything that it can be.

For Radiation and Chemotherapy, both of which have saved the lives of so many of my girlfriends, and both of which, are saving the life of my childhood friend right now.

For my legs and the ability to walk. However, I know a certain young woman who is wheelchair bound who can out-energize me, out-talk me, and out-dance me and anyone else I she's sitting down. She can do more sitting down in that chair than I ever think about doing on my feet. Not to mention the everlasting positive attitude, huge heart, and all but beaming smile she flashes at anyone and everyone spreading her own beautiful specialness wherever she goes.

For Caladiums and wind chimes both of which with sight and sound can bring memories of my MaMa to the forefront of my mind for hours, with nothing more than a swift breeze.

For books that can provide never ending knowledge and power. You can find any answer in some book, somewhere. For books that provide an escape from the real world that tires your mind, and books that provide endless hours of silly, giggly sounds coming from children who have discovered just how funny Mommy can be when she is empowered with the magnificent rhymes of Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein. 

For gliders on front porches that provide distance when needed, an absolver of tension, late night conversations being held in the dark, when no one can see anyone and all subjects are fair and open game. Where parents receive relief as they rock in the quiet of the night, and their child rolls in from his first "official" date, one month after obtaining his drivers license, is two minutes earlier than the deadline, and is whistling and smiling as he exits the truck.

For recliners that provide rest and relief after a long hard day at work and hopefully will host many hours of Grandbaby rocking one day.

For dual electric blankets so that my menopausal behind can stay cool and my cold-natured husband can stay warm and toasty.

And for cell phones that provide comfort and safety for miles away, to a son who is walking through a dark campus alone at night, while he talks to his mom, who could/would save him in the blink of an eye if she needed to. 

I'm going to stop here, but do you see what I mean? In just one day, we could go on and on about the things for which we are so very thankful. I can't imagine life without the parents God blessed me with, or the children He graced me with, or the husband He helped me to find during my second chance of searching for happiness. Or the additional bonus family that my husband also brings to me in multitudes and most of whom have accepted me with open arms and love.

For all of these things and so many more than I can say, I am thankful. And for each day that I am allowed to wake again on this wonderful place we call Earth, that I am most thankful of all. I've been told the view from above is more magnificent than any view we will ever know, but for right now, for a little while longer, I am thankful for the time I have here, front and center, right in the middle of all the action, whether it's love, like, fussing, joking, or disagreeing. It's all a part of the life I love, the people I love and the place I love.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. May your blessings be rich, your stomachs full of delicious food that loving hearts and hands made, and may your hearts be full of all the love it can hold. Amen.