Friday, November 25, 2016


It’s going to be a busy, next couple of weeks for me. Not only am I trying to prepare for Thanksgiving, but I have also scheduled a small mini-vacation for the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving which only adds to the chaos of the holiday week!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Callaway Gardens at this time of the year when they have the Festival of Lights.  I mean I’ve been to Callaway Gardens, Warm Springs, and all of those historical sites several times in my life with my family as a child, and later as an adult with my own children. And all of those visits were wonderfully educating and enjoyable. But I have only seen the Festival of Lights in pictures, and as beautiful as that is, I just know it’s going to be some kind of spectacular in person!

So about two months ago I went on-line and made our hotel reservations and bought our trolley tickets. Now you can either drive your own vehicle down the roads throughout Callaway that are lined with lights OR you can take the train trolley and ride through that way. And you know I had to pick the one that I thought would give us the ultimate excitement experience – and that was the trolley.

I actually got a pretty good deal because you can buy packages that include the Festival of Lights, endless tours through the Butterfly Center (which is AMAZING) and several other things that Callaway has to offer: like golfing, zip-lining etc.

My husband does not golf and you’re not about to see my behind rigged-up in wires shooting across the wild blue yonder, 50 MHP, from one pine tree to another! So I’ll just stick to the things that feel a little more age appropriate for me – like walking with my own two feet on the ground, riding in a car or trolley, and photo shoots of beautiful butterflies.

We plan to leave out the Friday before Thanksgiving week and come back that Sunday afternoon. Now here is the kink in ALL of those weekend plans – it’s the last weekend for Nascar racing. Oh I know – I can hear the gasps as you fans read these words. “How dare she? How could she? Has she lost her mind?!”

Well yes, some would say I did.  But no worries, I have looked at all the time schedules of the races, and somehow, we should be able to manage to fit all of them in with a little constructive scheduling of our own.

When we depart on Friday, my plans are to stop in Columbus, Georgia on our way up, the city in which I was born, and visit/drive-by both the houses of both sets of my grandparents who have passed. One lived in Phenix City, Alabama and the other in Columbus Georgia. It’s Thanksgiving and it certainly feels like the time to visit and reminisce a bit.

Other than that, the weekend and holiday week will take its natural course and another Thanksgiving will come and go. I wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meeting In The Middle

Gadsden County is one of the most diversified places I have personally ever lived in regards to race. It's indeed a melting pot of human beings and many-layered tiers of financial status.
And yet not one single person has created a riot, a fire, a flag burning, or spray painted a swastika on a landmark for all to see. No one is standing in the street with angry, wide-open mouths hollering nasty words or holding signs that say the same.  As a matter of fact, the people here are just as they ever were which is respectful, polite, and kind.
Last week I was in Leon County and as I was leaving a restaurant I saw a pile of young Caucasian girls - in their early 20's following out behind me. I stopped to hold the door, and instead of the next young lady holding for the next, and so on, they all filed out, all six of them while I, the 53 year old woman held the door open for them.
Today I was entering a food establishment here in Quincy - Gadsden County - and a man, in his 40's, a man of color, was standing outside talking on his phone. As I was approaching the door, he saw me, took three extra quick steps in an effort to grab the door and hold it open for me, never intending to enter himself at that moment, because he stood outside for another 10 minutes finishing his conversation before he ever came in. He was simply being a gentleman.
I don't know where the problem with lack of respect lies, but I will tell you that I'm very disappointed that people of this country seem to think that violence and hate is the way to voice your emotions about someone who you feel is violent and hateful. Makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. If you feel that strongly that a mistake has been made, demonstrating the same-like behavior with ugly sound-bites and even uglier behavior doesn't really seem to be making your point - does it?
I'm just trying to understand. I truly am. I have a child who was a Democrat supporter and I have a child who was a Republican supporter. And of course, I understand the disappointment of one and the joy of the other. And never in a million years would I dare to confront either one about their very personal and passionate choices. I will not choose, disagree or argue with either - because I love them and I believe in both of them and I respect their separate/different ideals and philosophy's about life.

I think we would all do to try and carry ourselves in the same manner. Because no way will I ever believe that what is happening now - is a positive solution. What a sad example we are setting for our neighboring countries - you know - the ones who don't have freedoms? I just imagine they're probably sitting back watching and wondering why we do.

I'm No Quitter!

There’s not a soul on this earth who can say I didn’t give turning 52 years old a run for its money! From the time it happened last November, I threw at it everything I could think of and it still got back up, and kept on going.

I had a case of Bell’s Palsy that December, the following February I tore the meniscus in my right knee, that March I had a mammogram/biopsy scare, then in September I tore the meniscus in my left knee that I’m still recovering from – besides the times through all of that when I pulled my back out a couple of times. I’m telling you, that old saying, when it rains it pours, has certainly been my theme song this past year.

But here I am, rolling/gimping right on into year fifty-three, still smiling and laughing, and putting my two cents in every chance I get, because you can’t keep this old gal down!

My actual birthday event was a few days ago now, but as it seems to work out when you birthday falls on the weekend, and because I have such a great circle of friends, I have been coming and going her and there since that birthday clock struck midnight. And EAT – Lawdy have I been eating. I just think that’s what older folks do – we pick great places to eat great food and that’s how we celebrate life.

I mean by this time in life, you pretty much have everything you need or want, a good meal seems to be the simplest thing to do and share the joy at the same time. I had lunch with friends on Friday, breakfast and a movie with a girlfriend on Saturday, lunch today with my husband and youngest son, and I’m still scheduled out for dinner tomorrow evening with another girlfriend, and then one last time, as far out as next Saturday for lunch with a girlfriend from home who’s coming to town.

I’m not going to be able to eat a thing by the time Thanksgiving gets here at the rate I’m going! Heck I feel like I’m walking around with a feed bag attached to my neck as it is now!

I’m ready for whatever comes with this next year. I won’t lie and say I’m not looking forward to a more injury free year – these two knees of mine have kept me and my activities tamped down and that has gotten old very quickly.

But besides ALL OF THAT – I got an extra hour of sleep last night (another Happy Birthday to me) and that was the most glorious thing of all – and I’ve been reveling in that joy since I looked at the clock this morning and knew that 7am really only meant 6am. So I turned over – and rolled back out – one more time.

And for the rest of us, a lot of exciting things are coming our way because once you leave October, time rolls on like a freight train out of control. Get ready! Because only the strong and determined can keep-up!  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Old Time Tradition's

We hadn’t been one single time this year, for one reason or another; a hurt knee, and because earlier in the season it was just too blasted hot! For years, we did it, 100 degrees or not, but as the old folks, like me now say, it’s way too hot for me when I’ve got no skin in the game, no dog in the fight.

My knee still has me confined a bit, but not enough that we couldn’t attend last Friday night’s Homecoming/Senior Night combined game. There was still certainly not any bleacher climbing, so we sat on the first row of the middle section of the bleachers. Now I can’t say our view of the field was the best it’s ever been, but our socializing activities were kicked-up a few notches for sure! When you sit on the first row, you see any and everybody who walks down the main sidewalk to get to where they’re going.

Myself and everybody else we saw, were running neck to neck with any politician running for office with all the neck-hugging and hand-shaking that went on all night long. We got to see folks that we hadn’t seen since maybe last year at the Robert F Munroe Homecoming game! 

Both senior recognition and Homecoming honors were held during half-time. The Homecoming
Representatives were as beautiful as always, with Miss Allison Bergman taking the honor of Queen for 2016. Senior representatives Morgan Bot, Emma Jones, and Jenna Branson were all just as beautiful as runner-ups and graciously congratulated their longtime friend and classmate on her victory.

Additionally there was a chili-cook-off and who else, but the first woman in Greensboro, Florida history ever to be voted into the Town Council was there to judge, Libby Fletcher Henderson! The master chefs and results being:
1st place – T.S. Co. Chuckwagon Chili – Jason Thompson and Billy Suber
2nd place – Munroe’s Madhouse Chili – Ben Munroe
3rd place – Last year’s winner, Phil & Phil’s Championship Chili – Phillip Adams & Phillip Suber
4th place – Wilson’s Chili Company – Wil Hinson
Worst Chili – TJZ’s Chili – Todd Baroody, Jason Boone and Zach Helms

And an honorable mention to Jackson Boone for showing his Bobcat Pride, agreeing to wear a costume befitting of the cooking occasion at hand – he wore a hot dog costume all night and even made the 11:00 local news!

But my favorite part of the whole night, before the game began, we were all asked to stand for a moment of prayer. The National Anthem came next, with a resounding rendition blaring strong and proud through the speakers and night air. And as we all stood with our hands over our hearts, and we did all stand, not a single soul was kneeling – slowly but surely the flag begin to glide-up the pole, the strings being pulled by a local Boy Scout Troop led by Jenni Hansell Briggs, until the flag reached the very top, and I had the same feeling of mighty pride I always have when this happens.

Even though the Bobcat’s didn’t win the game, it was another one for the memory books.