Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Is Resoundingly...Over

I put my Christmas tree and decorations up very early, every year. Like I start before Thanksgiving sometimes. So by the time Christmas Day has passed, so has my need to have my house in disorder. I am ready, just one day later, to have life as it should be, again. So, the dis-assembly begins. It is not any calmer or orderly than the assembly. It is not any nicer or sweeter. As much as no one ever wants to help me put it all up, they want even less, to help me take it all down. The grumbling and under the breath cursings begin. Santa has come and gone, along with all the sweet before Santa behavior.

Now this year was a little different, as this year, Josh was not here to help put it all up. That day belonged to me and Zach. So of course, when it's all coming down, NOTHING was put up right. Josh..."Why are these lights so tangled, how the heck did you wind these around the tree like this, the tree was pre-lit, why did you people think you needed more lights?" Zach..simply points to me and walks outside. He is going to take down the outside lights. It is 38 degrees, and he is not happy. He's not happy that it's cold and he's not happy that he's taking down lights he didn't want to put up in the first place. I stand at the window, watching him snatch them down from the swing, knowing that those lights/bulbs will never work again.  Right now, I don't care. Next year, as we stand around the swing, holding lights that don't work, and I'm having to drive to Walmart to buy more, I will care.

But the very best part about this whole dis-assembly thing this year is this...this year I decided to put the Christmas tree in a different place. My living room is not especially small, but I have it packed with furniture in such a way, the room is swallowed and to put anything else in it, is a struggle indeed. So, to save myself the trouble of rearranging furniture to simply erect a Christmas Tree, this year, I decided it would fit perfectly in front of our front door! What a great idea! No furniture has to be moved much simpler of a process.  Yahoo for me! I thought. Uh no. Because..the front door is connected to our front porch. The front porch that has the glider and rocking chairs. The front porch that Mims inhabits at least once every day, even if it's only for five minutes. The front door that has a glass storm door that stays open as much as it stays shut. So he can see. He says. I say, so he can be nosy. But I digress....the best part of this dis-assembly, is the tree is down, the front door is open, and Mims can see. Anything he wants to see. I have watched him walk to that door 22 times in the 2 hours it's been  re-opened. I know how many times our neighbors with the black dodge have left their house today, because Mims has told me so. 

I love Christmas and I love to decorate my house for Christmas. It makes me feel good. But I also like my house in it's normal state. It also makes me feel good. So, it's all down, it's all back in place, and the front door to the world, is open once again. All is right in our house..for now.

copyright © 2010 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. I wish mine was all put away. But, since it was only put up 3 days ago, I guess I will wait a few more to take it down.

  2. You are just like me....I love to put it up on Thanksgiving and then the day after Christmas I am ready to take it down and get the house back to normal...I sometimes leave the outside lights on til New Years..but after that I just feel more content to have it cleaned up and back to normal...