Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Thoughts of A Sleep Walker....in Bed.

Can't sleep. Tossing and turning. My mind flipping and tumbling words. Over and over in my head. Random, non sequential  thoughts.  Rhythmic thoughts that flow. Some go together, some don't. Goes something like this...

1.  What day is Zach gonna help me with the yard work this week?
2.  I have got to decide on graduation gifts...remind myself of questions I need answered before I can proceed.
3.  I have two weddings to go to, two weekends in a row.
4.  I need an outfit for Friday night's retirement banquet. Wonder if I will cry?
5.  Got to remember to go to the bank tomorrow and deposit child support check.
6.  It is so late, why can I not sleep?
7.  It's hot in here, I need to run the air down a notch.
8.  My feet are still bothering me. That chiro of mine is a quack.
9.  I cannot believe we have to buy a new air conditioner right now. Of all times.
10. I am so glad I am off this week. It's such a pretty week to be off of work.
11. Don't forget to call and check on Mama Wednesday evening. See how her colonoscopy went.
12. I wonder how Patti's test results came out? If they have found anything yet?
13. I should get back up and take a pack of fish out of the freezer. The three fish Zach and Matt caught today will not feed both of them tomorrow after they're cleaned.
14. I wish I could fall asleep like my husband.
15. Mike and Molly was so funny tonight. It needs to come on once a night, every night.
16. Tomorrow is a new episode of The Good Wife.
17. I wonder if I should get back up and turn the dishwasher on? Was it full? I can't remember.
18. We should have put out some Weed and Feed down before now. The yard is more weed than it is green grass.
19. I need some more Gerber Daisy's. And some more pots.
20. I want to plant another couple of trees now that it's cleared off. Mims said no more trees. But if I buy them and plant while he's at work...wonder how long it will be before he notices? Zach will tell, no doubt.
21. Zach said that pond he went to was way down in the woods. He'd better not mess up that truck this early in the game. Mims will ground him for sure.
22. I wish I was a teacher. I could have summers off.
23. I wonder why Zach doesn't want to go to St George for Spring Break? I said I would pay for his gas.
24. Zach misses Kay. He must want to go to Mexico Beach where she is..but that is just too far. How far is Mexico Beach? Hell, I don't even know.
25. I ate too much in Tuscaloosa. I am still full.
26. I am never gonna find an outfit for Friday night that looks good on me.
27. I wonder if I will cry when I try and give my speech?
28. I forgot to remind Joshua to write his for Friday night.
29. I can try that new consignment shop. Maybe I can find something reasonably priced.
30. I hope they don't want me to read Joshua's letter. I might cry.
31. I like that new blog Joshua told me about. I need to remember to look back and see if she "allowed" my comment to post on Joshua's submission.
32. I haven't written anything in a long time.
33. Wonder why Angie asked me tonight was I still writing it? I guess because I haven't written one.
34. I hate when bloggers have to "review" your comments before they will post them. Pisses me off.
35. I wonder if Josh will look back to see who comments?
36. I need to mail Patti a card tomorrow. Just because I am on vacation is no excuse to stop.
37. Did I bring my address book home? Why would I need it. I know her address by heart.
38. It's still hot in here. I guess I'm just gonna lay here and be hot.
39. I think I fixed the coffee maker for Mims.
40. You know three fish is not going to be enough for Matt and Zach. Get up while you're thinking about it and take another pack out.
41. I need to water the side yard first tomorrow since I didn't water it at all today.
42. I wonder if Katy Jo is going to live in a dorm or an apartment when she goes to Florida? I need too remember to ask Shari if they have decided colors yet or not.
43. Why are you still laying here tossing and turning? Get up and get on face book. See who is up.
44. No, because if I get up, I will be wide awake then.
45. Hell, I'm wide awake now.
46.  Thank goodness I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
47. I am so glad I bought grocery's today. Got that out of the way.
48. I didn't take anything out to cook for supper tomorrow.
49. I cook and clean more on vacation that I do when I work?!
50. I wonder when the last time it was when the exterminator came. He needs to put some stuff on the ant beds.
51. I wish I lived on the beach.
52. I wonder if my neighbor is really gonna quit her job? She was so funny tonight.
53. I bet I have plenty of squirrels in the morning. Eating my bird feed. I filled up the feeders today, it will be half gone by Friday.
54. I wonder if Ridge got ahold of Zach..or if he was already asleep?
55. I haven't seen Kim in ages.
56. I hope those boys Zach is fishing with aren't drinking.

And then, I do get back up. I do come back in here and turn my computer on. And I do get on face book to see what poor soul is awake with me. I make a post about it being so late. And that I am so glad I don't have to get up for work. And I sit here and begin to write this blog. And as usual, it just flows once I start. Not sure why I haven't had anything to say lately. I think sometimes, you just don't. Not that this has been anything, anyone will want to read. It's pretty silly actually. But it's real. And it's me. At 2:35am.

Signing off one more time...Peace Out Girl Scouts..Til Tomm. Well, today. Now.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. I do this every night before I fall asleep!!! I think I have a mental checklist that has to be thought about before I can rest! LOL

  2. OMG GF you hit the nail on the head with this ...I think all of us girls have problems with this ... turning off the brain ... why is it so easy for men to go to nothingness? I have no clue what nothingness or empty boxes are!!!

  3. Stacey..I wish mien was just a check list...I have open discussions about all that goes thru my mind..in my head.
    Debbie...I know right???!!!! Mims tells me all the time.."you think too much"...and my reply is usually.."someone has to"!!!!

  4. hahaha I love this!!! You nailed me to a "T" as well Michelle! Jerry is snoring before his head even hits the pillow..me; I toss and turn and think of a gazillion things...love love loved this!! Debbie