Saturday, June 4, 2011

Forever and Ever....Amen

I'm having a day. As weird as it seems. As much as I was ready to see my Mims come home, now, I wonder, where my sanity was in wishing that. Geez. Most days, he is the most easy going man you could ever lay eyes on. But there are those days, that he wakes up, and he is the most unreasonable man in the world. He talks like a gypsy non-stop. Every day. But on the bad days, you spend your time walking around, needing plugs for your ears. For the endless, useless, negative diatribe spewing from him lips. Today is that day.

He woke up. Wheeling sideways out of his side of the bed. And that mouth, has not stopped yet. Why did you do this? Why did you do that? Why did you do it that way? Why didn't you think about it like he did? Why, why why??!!!!

Today, is also, my parents 51st wedding anniversary. It is with great wonderment and awe that I think about those two people. And wonder how, how in the world, they ever made it to see year number fifty-one. For eighteen years of my life. While I lived there. I wondered that. For the first thirteen years of  my first marriage, I wondered that. And now, eight years of a relationship/dating, and five years this July of being into my second marriage, I am still wondering. How in the heck, do any two people make it fifty one years together. How do people make it til the end of time, with the one they chose at the beginning of time?

Day in and day out. Three hundred and sixty five days of the year. Twenty four/seven. How? How do people do it? How do you get past the moods. The unreasonable. The crying. The insanity.  The uncalled for words. The sniping. And the rest of "this is how my day has been"?  I guess, you hope and pray, that what you had in the beginning will get you through. That the love you felt when you first met, will stretch and strengthen enough to hold until forever. To see you through no matter what comes your way. No matter how many bad days it takes before you see a good day.

No matter that money is tight. That they just laid off half of your work place. And you were one of them. No matter, that you have two children already, and surprise, you're now having three. No matter that you've done all you can do, and your eleven year old son will not behave in school. No matter that the A/C has gone out. It is 90 degrees in your house. And you have no money for a new one. And now between the heat and financial tension, you are at each others throats more than you think you can bear. No matter that he has cancer, and the medical bills are climbing out of control. No matter that the child you sent to college, is dropping out, and all that money was wasted. 

We're supposed to know in the beginning. We are supposed to know, this person is the one. We're supposed to know, we can live through anything and everything with this person. No matter how hard or trying our lives may become. I believe we all think that we know. I believe most of us truly want our relationships to succeed. Sometimes we get it right the first time. Sometimes, we just don't.

So for the people who do get it right. For the people who did pick the one person in this world they can withstand anything and everything with, together...I commend you. I applaud you. I congratulate you. And I envy you. For only you will know what true endurance means. Only you will know the true meaning of  "til death do us part".

But I will know love. I will know that I too, have finally found my one and only. I will know that I would go to the ends of this earth for this man I call Mims. I will know that I will need him all the rest of my days, and the rest of his. I will know, that through good times and bad, sickness and in health, nothing will part us but death. No matter that he drives me crazy some days. Like today. Because I am well aware, that he has my own crazy days to endure. I will know that there are some days, only he can make me smile. And I will know, that he will always be, the last face I want to see, when I close my eyes at night. The last hand I want to hold, before sleep takes me over.

So Happy Anniversary to my parents, David and Jean Mount. Today, June 4th, 2011, they celebrate fifty one years together. From the very beginning of only happiness. Through everything in between. Until now, the "golden years".  They have had a remarkable marriage. Full of everything a marriage is supposed to consist of...good times and bad. Arguments and solutions. Babies, children, teenagers, adults, then grandchildren. And finally, just themselves. Again. Like it was in the beginning. Just themselves, discovering each other, all over again. Much smarter, much wiser, more patient, and more forgiving. And they will see each other, through the rest, of their thick and thin days. Into what everyone calls, Forever.


copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims

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