Thursday, August 15, 2013

Midnight Is For Sleeping

Down here in the South, it’s hot. It’s like suffocating; take your breath away, hot. The last thing you want to do is anything that will possibly increase the heat level that is already a given. Nobody wants to run a 10 yard dash in milliseconds. Nobody wants to do push-ups with their faces pressed into the hot, steaming dirt. Nobody wants another human being slamming into them with such force that it boggles the mind and the body for minutes after it’s over. And nobody wants to be awake at midnight doing any of these things.

But that’s how we roll here in Florida. We wait until everyone is asleep and then, by the light of the moon, we begin. Well, except for the parents. The parents aren’t exactly asleep either. They’re sitting in their cars, nodding in and out, until it’s all finally over, awakened now and again by the bellowing of one of the leaders. But for the most part, they are just trying to catch some sleep because they have work tomorrow.

Two a days are here. Football season is here. And these boys know it’s about to get real. Scuffling and tackling each other in the dirt, trying to get a foothold with their cleats that no one can budge.  Sweat pouring from every orifice of their bodies, every single muscle burning as if lit on fire.  And still, there is a Coach in the background, hollering for more. Hollering for faster, harder, quicker, and more.  Hollering for perfection, guts and glory.  Hollering for boys to become men and men to become leaders. 

Because that’s what this game of Football is really all about. It’s about the courage to continue going when nothing is going right. The courage to keep going when you’re tired and beat down, and the courage to know you gave it everything you had. Left no cleat unturned and the field soaked with the sweat and soul of determination.

The game of football holds the secrets of real life. It teaches solidarity, trust, teamwork, pride and united we stand, divided we fall. It’s a brotherhood that will never be the same for the game they played.

So welcome to the season of High School Football 2013. Nap away Mom’s and Dad’s. While you sleep, your boys are making memories. While you sleep your boys are giving it all they’ve got. While you are sleeping, your boys are turning into men.


  1. Love it GF! Brings back memories of when my Alex played HS football and had 2-a-days ... we'd eat supper most nights around midnight cause we always wanted to eat together as a family!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us folks out here in California.

  3. Somehow I knew just because your baby graduated it would not be over for you. You just love the game too much and are a great supporter of your community. I wonder, do they realize what a gem you truely are?

  4. Another award-winner! Made me see the "other aspect" of the game through their eyes and yours!!!