Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Clean-Up Crew

We obviously weren't going to do it. We’re not qualified. We had done it before, but this time a little more work would be involved, more talent if you will; and none of us possess any such thing where that is concerned.

You would think since we were only “the movers” we could do that much. Surely we were capable of taking things down, moving them out of the way and then putting it all back. Well, we took it all down alright. We took it apart, moved and separated everything. Putting it back, well that was a whole `nother deal.

We’re having the inside of our house painted; room by room; which may take several weekends. How three people who are not even really participating can have so much go so wrong, I will never know.

We took the bathroom sink apart from the pedestal that holds it; went to put it back on, and it was leaking. It didn’t leak before. We took it off and put it back on but now it leaks.  We bought new fittings and finally got the leaking to stop. Evidently we bought smaller fittings than were on there before, because now, not near as much water comes out when it’s turned on. Turns out, we’re neither painters NOR plumbers!

We took down a shelf in the hallway filled with pretties, books, and picture frames. It was lit from the back with some rope lighting that had been in place for years. It was completely lit when we took it down. When we were preparing to re-hang the shelf and put everything back in place,  only half of the lighting was working.  It’s the whole Christmas light’s mystery all over again. You take them down In December and they’re working. You drag it all out the following Christmas, and half the strands are blown. What the heck happens out there in those plastic bins in those eleven months I ask you?

Today the painting of the second Saturday was done and it was time to put everything back. I cannot emphasize enough how disappointed I was; not one single soul in my home knows where anything goes but me. We all sit in here together, stare at the same Etejer, aka fancy glass shelving that holds I cannot tell you how much stuff; including lights on every shelf that would cause a Fire Marshall to shut my house down if he saw the massive amount of cords/power bars it requires.  However, get this, even though NO ONE can remember where anything else goes, by golly, they know to the nth degree if the television is off balance or not exactly where it was positioned before. We spent twenty minutes or better arguing about whether the screen was tilted more to the left or the right; but their memories were blank about anything else.  

It was touch and go, but everybody made it out alive. Week Three is next. It couldn’t possibly be worse….could it?

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