Friday, April 18, 2014

April Blessings

I was twenty one years old when I got married the first time; entirely too young. These days, I stand by the opinion that no should marry until the age of thirty.  I maintain, that between the ages of 20 and 30, you will change more in your life, than any other span of time. Your views and opinions will change, your needs and wants will become clearer, and your common sense and logic will mature. With all of those things changing; how could you possibly know who your life partner should be? 

The first couple of years, my ex-husband was at work more than he was at home; I was lonely and horribly homesick. One night, sometime during that first year, I left my home, and drove to my parents’ house; the house I grew up in. It was near midnight, and not a light in the house was on.  As I got out of my car, illuminated by the moon, I could see the swing in the backyard that had a million of my miles on it. I walked across the yard, sat in that swing, in the dark; and cried. I wanted so badly to go back into that house, into my pretty yellow bedroom, and climb up in my bed. I left home much too soon, and I wasn't mentally or emotionally ready. I left the swing, got back in my car, and drove back across town. 

Six months later, I became pregnant and I cannot begin to tell you how that transformed me. From the minute I found out, I was a changed girl; I had purpose again. I nurtured my baby with all my heart. I sang to him, read books to him, and I rubbed my tummy so much you would've thought it was a Jeannie's bottle that I believed to have magic inside. I think I knew; I did have magic inside of me and I knew it was going to be a boy. I didn't have any tests, but I knew; and never believed any differently.

The day was here and my baby was about to be born. The pains came hard and fast, no slow labor for me. On the last push, the doctor announced, “You have a son!” Well of course he did, because I knew all along; I was having a son. My first phone call, while lying in a hospital corridor, still on a gurney; was to my parents. My first words after they answered the phone were, "How do you feel about the name Joshua Ray?"

My first born helped transform another child into a woman. The good Lord took a chance on me, and when I needed something the most, my gift of life, gave me life again; twenty eight years ago.

My son has had several Easter birthdays in his lifetime; this year they are one day apart. So as I am wishing him the happiest of Birthday’s; I wish everyone a happy Easter and blessings to all.  

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