Saturday, September 26, 2015

And He Said.....GERONIMO!!!!

I was reminded during our vacation this past week, traits of my husband’s personality that I normally over-look. I’m about to touch on some of the highlights of our trip, and as always, I’ll be keeping it real.

Anna Ruby Falls was so majestic and amazing, however the 3,000 feet of elevation during the climb was pure hell and I should have strapped an oxygen mask to my face because I’m pretty sure in between the starting and stopping to regain breath and air, I saw angels more than once; but they say in your last moments, sometimes you tend to hallucinate, so it could have been that as well.

We visited another site called “The Gourd Place”. Now I almost didn’t get to see this as my husband was convinced by the sign on the side of the road, that we would find nothing but gourds hanging from poles; well what a surprise he did find!

Part of this place was things collected over the years that were made out of gourds, i.e.; banjos, ladles, horns, guitars, etc. But the most amazing part of the building was designated to more modern
uses such as dinnerware and candlestick holders that had been painted different colors and were made to be dishwasher-safe. 

I took a LOT of pictures and as all adventurous people like myself are – we think there is nowhere that we can’t go to get “that perfect shot”.  I learned some new things about my husband – mostly that he’s terrified of doing jail-time and he’s not about to go up into any place that looks like you shouldn’t be there – even if there are no signs saying that.  At some point I asked him, “I wonder what’s up there in that building” and his response was “nothing that concerns you, covered in security cameras and protected by a SWAT team ready to take you down if I drive you up there.” 

I would also hear “just another way to get your dang money – aka tourist-trap” more than once, but the time we just about came to blows was over the $5 parking required to park in town so you could stay all day, get out and walk as well as shop til’ you drop. We wasted thirty minutes, $10 of gas and spotted three tow-trucks before he decided paying to park was inevitable.

I will admit these types of vacations are kind of “girlie” and that men are required to be extra patient. I’m sure he had to dig deep a few times to rid the thoughts of gently bumping me off a mountain; if I heard it one time I heard it twelve, “it sho is a looonnngg way down there”.  I watch a lot of CSI, I know how these “mishaps” can occur.

But I think he enjoyed most of it as much as I did, maybe even enough to go back one day. Although
I tried to see everything, I missed the two Christmas shops that were closed and I’m pretty sure I saw him secretly thanking Jesus for that narrow escape.

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