Thursday, December 31, 2015

And Then There Were Two

This New Year’s will be like no other that has come before it, full of changes for all, excitement for some, and a plethora of all-over-the-place feelings for me. It will literally bring a whole new life for our family and I am trying very hard to roll with the flow.

If my words have seemed more sympathetic, empathetic, and sometimes maybe even dramatic the last few months, well, there have been some big events brewing in my home. I try to be a strong woman and a realist, but I am a Mama first and foremost which can make me extremely strong, and also exceptionally weak. There’s nothing like the big ole’ heart of a Mama – nothing even close.

In reality who would have dreamed cutting grass and cleaning-up yards for guitar strings, beach-trip money, and video games would have ever gotten big enough to become a bona fide business that began as the Lawn Rangers and has now become Helms and Carter Lawncare and Landscaping LLC; that would also provide homes for both of the young men who run-it, while still barely into their 20’s?

They both insist that was the plan from the beginning, and by golly, they have worked their fingers to the bone making it more than a dream – because in reality, it has become a profitable income machine.

As long as he’s been old enough to know the difference, Zachary always said he would never pay rent, throwing his money into the wind – he would instead save-up, make wise investments, and buy a home.

Well folks, that’s exactly what’s about to happen in the month of January 2016; my youngest, twenty year old son will sign the closing papers on his new house.  My home will be empty except for my husband and I, and I’m not quite sure we remember how being alone works.   

Even with just the three of us - I still cook like I’m feeding a football team – because there used to be a time, when that was an occurrence in our house most any night. So to say I always have left-over’s now, would be an understatement, how I will ever adjust to cooking for two, well I’m just not sure.

And the quiet – who will replace all the laughter, mischief and unexpectedness he brings to our lives. How will I ever adjust to not having still-alive frog legs in my freezer, bird parts in my sink, deer hooves lying on my kitchen counter, and the annual gun-cleaning with parts lying all over my beautiful dining-room table?

Multiple work boots at both my front and back doors, golf clubs in the middle of his bedroom floor, fishing poles and tackle boxes strewn about, and always the crossing of seasons- both camouflage gear and swim trunks/snorkels -flowing from one season to another, never finding a proper storage spot; but instead, lying about as if sitting-on-go for their adventurous buddy and whichever sport he chooses for the day. 

This is your newest, about-to-be Empty Nester signing off, and wishing you all Happy and Safe New Year holiday.