Sunday, June 5, 2016

Turbeville Here We Come!

Well, it’s that time again! Today I’ll begin packing for our road-trip, as my husband and I are leaving tomorrow morning. We’re headed to Turbeville, South Carolina to see family, attend our bonus granddaughter’s graduation dinner, visit our niece who is pregnant with her very first baby, see that great-grandson who has already grown in leaps and bounds, and just have a good old fun-packed weekend!

Of course I will pack too many clothes - enough for two weeks instead of three days, and there will be a “snack” bag filled with enough goodies for an eight hour drive since my loving husband’s stops are few and far between.

And last but not least, my handy dandy box fan that goes everywhere I go, when I stay overnight. I’m sure the hotel will provide air conditioning (or else I surely wouldn’t have booked it) but you can NEVER have enough air – or soothing noise – come bed-time.

I’m so excited that I’ll have my new camera in tow this visit. I always like to ride those old country roads and take pictures of places that were so important and memory-filled for my husband when he was a little boy.

I love hearing stories about walking dirt roads, running/racing barefoot for small–change-winnings and how safe it was to roam those same dirt roads til late at night when he was young.

I love riding by all the tobacco fields, still in progress and growing today; as he shows me the fields that he and his family worked when he was growing up – from sun-up til scorching sun-down.

My husband was one of seven children, him being the closest to the baby. He had two sisters old enough to stand-in as Mama’s from time to time, and his oldest sister Louise still likes to tell stories of rocking him to sleep in an old straight chair. As she tells it, if he wouldn’t close his eyes, she would reach up and shut his lids for him! My husband still swears it was the thunking/clunking noise of that chair hitting the floor that lulled him to sleep all those years ago.

I personally think that’s why he can sleep through most anything now. He also has a saying when I complain about not being able to sleep “all you have to do his close your eyes, and shut your mouth” – that I swear to sugar he got from Louise as well.

There are only three of them left now, my husband WD (who they call “W” just like President Bush) his brother Allen, and sister Louise. But I love listening to the old tales they weave and it sounds like they were a tight knit bunch of folks back in the day.

My only worry about leaving for a few days, is what my poor flowers will look like when I get back home – because I surely cannot count on my child to help water them. My plan is to practically drown them before I leave, so maybe they can sustain until I get back – and pray for afternoon showers! 

copyright 2016 Michelle Mount Mims
Also previously published @ The Havana Herald

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