Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And The Gavel Falls...

There is a lot to be said for a mother and the unborn child connection. The bond that has already been created, as the mother carries her child inside her body. I believe, the draw of maternal instinct begins the minute a woman knows she is pregnant. The minute.

July 1981, a little boy named Adam Walsh was found. Murdered and decapitated. He had been kidnapped from his parents in a shopping mall. March 1986, I was watching the movie of Adam and his life on television. I was eight months pregnant with my first child. I have never in my life been so distraught over something I watched on television. I had nightmares for months.

In the years that would pass, both of my children paid for, and benefited from, Adam's life story. Because of Adam's father, and his internal strength and will, he presented his son's story to the world. In doing so, many children were saved. I believed it then. I will always believe that. I for one, never let my children out of my sight. And I taught them from a very early age that roaming away from me was dangerous. It was necessary all those years ago, and it is more necessary now. As good as this world is, it is just as evil.

Caylee Anthony and her death is a story I could not follow. I know the main storyline. But to sit and watch it day in and day out, would not have been healthy for me. I personally, can not and do not watch anything that has to do with children and abusive deaths. I do not read books that are in relation to any of that, whether they be fiction or non-fiction. I cannot separate the images and stories from my mind. It all becomes too real and too disturbing for me.

I have watched and listened to all the commentary for weeks regarding this case. And the explosion of comments that have erupted across the world today. Ugly remarks in regards to the jurors and the decisions they made. I have to believe, that those twelve people made the best decision possible with the evidence they were given. I do believe that for weeks, they have lost sleep and sanity over this case. And I do believe, when this becomes but a memory for all of us, and it will, that it will never be just a memory for them. They will carry those words, the faces, the lies and the truths with them forever. There is no way, that this child and her awful death, will not be a part of them forever more.

So, please present your thoughts and comments with facts and intelligence. Give these jurors the respect they deserve. Do your due diligence before passing judgement. Act responsibly with your spoken words. And pray. Pray a lot. For all of them and everyone else concerned. Judgement is not ours to pass. God is the only real judge and jury in this world. He will make the right decision. He already knows what will come to pass. Justice will be served. And I am convinced, if there is a Hell, and if people truly burn in eternal Hell, it will not be those twelve jurors. I choose to believe Hell and all it's evil is reserved for doer's of evil.

The human trial on Earth is over. The rest is not for us to know. May sweet, beautiful Caylee Marie rest in eternal peace. And may anyone who caused her early and abusive departure from this world, know their judgement day. Amen.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims

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