Sunday, January 8, 2012

Singsong Melodies On Strange Winter Days

It's days like today, the 8th of January, that make you question if Florida really does have seasons. For two days in a row, the citizens of Quincy Florida have woke up to sunny skies, warm breezy winds, and comfort. And from the weather reports I have seen, we have about four more days of weather like this in the coming week.

I'm in Day Two of opening the house windows, letting the glass down on my storm doors and listening to the angelic sound of music coming through my windows, from the wind chimes scattered throughout my yard, on my carport and front porch. 

Mims decided to pressure wash our boat. He hooked it up to the truck, backed it up and went to town cleaning and scrubbing the seats and floors. When he called me to come take a look at it I told him how good it looked and then I began to sniff. He asked me what I was doing, didn't it smell clean? I told him yes, but I could still smell the faint smell of lake water. He said no way, because he had used bleach. I said, well, I smell it, you know what a nose I have. I leaned in and picked up the stack of fishing poles that were laying inside the boat, and there it was, the smell. I said, see, I told you I could still smell it. Thank goodness. That smell is the only thing that gets me through hard winter days sometimes. On especially dreary days, I walk around outside, make my way back to the boat shed and just stand there and smell. That wonderful lingering smell always brings promises of more sunshiny and fun days ahead.

Zach changed from long pants to shorts and a tee shirt and is washing his truck. From top to bottom. Which is necessary to get all the red clay from the frequent mine hole trips he makes, off of the tires and undercarriage. Cleaned out the bed of his truck which consisted of log pieces, random length boards, tools, water bottles, and anything he finds along the way that he thinks he could use on something else one day.

I continue my walk through the yard and see that one of my Cherry Blossom trees is already bursting with little pink blooms. The weather has been so contrary for the past month or so, all of nature is confused. My Knock Out roses are still blooming as well. And usually by this time of year, they are just lying dormant waiting on Spring to come. My Calla Lily's are trying to come back up through the pine straw, their little stems searching for the warmth of the sun. And the birds are flocking my feeders, beautiful red cardinals bringing color to the bare, naked limbs that jut from the trees.

And through all of this, my winter flag with the picture of a cup of hot chocolate sew onto it, that adorns the front porch, is flying with the breeze and would look out of place if not for the bare Dogwood trees and brown grass.

But in just a little while, we'll crank up the grill, roll some hamburger meat into patties, and as the smoke rolls through the yard, and into my windows, it will feel like summer time. If only for a little while, we can pretend that all those cold dreary days are gone. That the ground will soon be warm again and all of my flowers will begin to bloom.

All in due time. That's how it's always been and how it will always be. We'll enjoy this break from the cold for the few days that we can, and keep our jackets and gloves on stand by. All four of my dining room chairs are covered with coats of different thicknesses for the varying levels of cold we may encounter on any given day. Happy Spring in Winter, folks of Quincy. Enjoy it while you can!


  1. Sure wish Spring really was here ... we've had so much beautiful weather but now this weekend ... COLD is back .... well, it is still February lol