Saturday, May 10, 2014

That Woman Is Pretty Special; They Call Her Mom

I don’t know that I ever thought much about it before it actually happened. Even as a girl in my late teens, it just wasn't a thought process. I mean I thought about my own, and when life didn't go my way, I would think briefly about how I was going to do it differently when it was my turn.  How my thoughts of alternate ways would be better and more appropriate. But I think we all do that; don’t we? We all have our heads full of different words, the way we would approach things, and the limits of our tolerances; until it’s really our turn.

Between the time of what we think we would do or say, and when the real time arrives; we have changed, life has changed, and all those plans go out the window.
My plan changed the minute I had my first son. Oh the calls that would travel through the phone lines with questions: why doesn't he seem full enough, why isn't he sleeping longer, or is he sleeping too much? All the calls about ear ache cures, tummy ache solutions; chicken pox antidotes and pink eye scares.

In my memory, I think that I did a pretty good job after the infancy stage had passed. But during the early and late teens, well I needed some ears, some conversations, and advice.  I was a single parent for quite a few years and it’s hard trying to decide all the big things by yourself. There’s a lot of self-inquisitions, examinations, and incrimination's.  I judged myself and my decisions far harsher than anyone else would have in that time; which brings me to my point today.

A real mother is selfless, unwavering, a child’s biggest fan, and loudest cheerleader as well as their toughest opponent. It’s our job to teach our children everything they need to know; i.e.; proper manners, humility, honesty, respect, honor, fairness, integrity, forgiveness and compassion. 

I have two wonderful sons and I had a lot of help getting them where they are now. But my raising's, my on-the-job training I was receiving when I didn't even realize it; is what helped me the most. And the rest, well I think it just comes naturally. The breaks in the voice that only you can hear on the phone 500 miles away, the expressions that will bring us joy and break our hearts, the laughter that we’ll hold as memories for tougher days, and the tears that will leave us wishing we could erase the pain and heal all the hurt.

Any woman, whether she is a foster, bonus, adoptive or birthing woman, who laughs as much as she secretly cries and loves unconditionally, no matter what, until the last breath she takes; is a Mother. I have one of those women in my life; she is my example and my wildest dream still to be accomplished; she is my Mother.  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama and all the wonderful women that someone calls Mom. 

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