Saturday, May 16, 2015

Family Fadoodle

Everybody has get-togethers: birthdays, holidays, etc. Some turn out to be a lot of fun, some are just average, and some – well some are good times from which memories are made. Who even knows what special element goes into any given day that makes it different from all the rest? I truly have no idea.

I mean, you can prep to the heavens and back, trying to make sure every detail is covered, every possible need will be met, and then still, something is forgotten or doesn’t go quite as planned. If you want to know the truth, I think the times that you try the least is when things seem to turn out the best.

My parents came down for Mother’s Day, and what a great day we all had. My children did all the cooking: Joshua prepared all the “inside” food and Zach was the master of the grill, and good gracious what a spread we had indeed! The night before, Joshua made a homemade pound cake and a caramel drizzle for the icing that was absolutely delicious! I did make a chocolate pie for my Daddy and I did make up the hamburger meat for patties, and a pitcher of sweet tea, but that was truly all I did. Joshua handled the baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, got the beans ready, and prepped all the fixings for the hamburgers and hotdogs that Zach would be grilling.

Zach began the meal with a prayer / shout out to Mamas everywhere, including Mary, who started it all with baby Jesus. Our table was full of good food, conversation, and laughter. I cannot even tell you the conversation topics that were touched, there were so many and so varied.

We took pictures—a LOT of pictures! I hadn’t taken any in a few holidays and it just needed to be done. However, somehow, some way, during all that camera-snapping, including Project: Rescue the Frisbee from the Roof, at the end of the day, I had not one single picture with me and my children! So after everyone left, we piled up back outside and took some more.  After all the pictures were taken and I was back inside downloading them, Zach slyly quipped, “Now you know when you post these to Facebook to that other album, everybody is going to know we’re just an afterthought.” 

The whole day was full of funny references, after-thought pictures, quick-witted humor, and flying Frisbees. Which by the way, was rescued, with a five iron golf club belonging to Zach, by my daddy, who happened to be the tallest in the group and the only one with enough balance and strength to grab the Frisbee with the club and drag it off the rooftop.

As my parents were getting back into their vehicle for the drive back home to Georgia, my Daddy was looking back at his grandchildren when he turned to me and said, “There’s never a dull moment around here is there?” And I said, “No sir, there never is.”


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