Saturday, May 2, 2015

Last Dance

As I drove-up to the all too familiar property, my truck windows were still up, but I could close my eyes, and already know exactly what would send my smell sensory out of this world.  I was the first to arrive, and sitting there parked against the curb, my air blasting to keep me cool, I began to reminisce about all the times before, and of course I began to frame how today would go in my mind as well.

I’m always early, a trait that was taught by my Daddy; to make an impression, to be early, is always the way to make the best one. That’s not to say that being early always applies in that manner, but it’s been a habit for better than thirty-five years, so it just usually happens regardless.

I opened my truck door, thinking I would get out, take a look around, and try and think of new things to do ahead of time, before everyone else got there. The blast of humidity that sprayed my face with almost instant perspiration helped me to decide differently pretty quickly. I slammed the truck door shut and with a flick of my wrist, moved the volume of air coming from my vents, up about three notches closer to as high as it would go.

Within a couple of minutes I could see the procession of vehicles pulling in behind me. And as I looked out of my rear view mirror, I could see the parade of princes’ and princesses stepping out onto the street, and walking towards the entrance where we would all find lawn beautification at its best.

The young ladies were as beautiful as I had ever seen them, their dresses flowing behind them, as they lifted the hems from the fray of the concrete, their hair done-up in high fashion, and their eyes sparkling with excitement and anticipation of what was to come. The young men in their tux and cowboy boots were just as dapper as could be, their hair styled far different from the usual and both of them missing the hat appendage that is always the norm.

This would be Ramsey’s last official high school dance, and she was surely prepared to go out in style. She would wear a purple strapless gown with silver sequins and he would wear a brushed gray tux with a purple tie and vest to match.  They were a beautiful couple and the next few hours would be a pleasurable experience for sure.

We began our trek through Miss Betty Ann’s yard, with jasmine-filled trellises for background drops and beautiful flower beds and a pool gazebo that would lend style and elegance to our photo shoot. She so graciously extends her home and its gardens every year for the prom attendees and it is surely appreciated by all.

The pictures would be beautiful, stylish and silly; all the things a good time should be. Last dance, last call for Ramsey and high school, and on to a bigger life than even she can probably imagine.


  1. I felt like I was there! A beautiful princess and I might add that country boy was looking mighty fine too! ❤️

  2. They were a beautiful couple indeed. It's always an honor to be included in their memory making adventures.