Saturday, March 26, 2016


I know ya’ll have been waiting with bated-breathe to find out which show I’ve spent the lost weeks between the end of football and the beginning of baseball season, binging on. Trying to absorb the trembles of addiction isn’t easy; but with the discovery of Netflix last year, I have learned to survive.

The show I’ve been watching is going to shock you. Mostly because this show has been on for TWELVE YEARS – and not once – not one single time in any of those twelve years have I been moved to want to watch it; and believe me, I have heard about it and its characters for years.

I am currently on Season 11 and unfortunately, because of all the prior gasps and gossip crashing through my Face Book newsfeed – I already kind of know how this season will end. And I’m going to tell you right now, I’m already not very happy about it.

And even though I loathe to repeat his catch name – how in the heck could they kill-off McDreamy? I mean seriously?! Everybody knows that Grey’s Anatomy is not really about Meredith Grey – it’s about her soft-spoken, scruffy-bearded, chiseled-jawed, blue-eyed, beautiful-haired, sweet kisser-on-the-cheek-man; one of the most beautiful men in the history of television series.

I have already read all about his supposed real-life diva-ness, and the clash between he and creator Shonda Rhimes – but you know what Shonda - deal with it. Actually, I think because of the popularity of How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy – maybe Ms. Rhimes is a bit of a diva. Maybe SHE is the power freak, wielding the clapperboard and hollering CUT!

I’ve watched the demise of so many characters in these last few weeks. And nobody can just leave, move away, or find another job – so many of our favorites have died catastrophic, horrible deaths; plane crashes, getting hit by buses, and a mad gunman wreaking havoc and killing-off about five different characters in one mean sweep. Just crazy, over the top deaths that don’t really happen to that many people at one place of employment.

I’m telling you right now, how the heck Seattle Grace/Grey-Sloane Hospital has any employees left in its fictional building is curious to me. Even the characters talk among themselves about the curses and all the deaths that have come under its umbrella of unemployment.

Maybe the whole deal is when Ms. Rhimes is done with you – you can expect a national disaster of some kind to take place – and somebody we have loved for months on end is going down.

But McDreamy? I don’t even know how the show can feel complete anymore after he’s gone. Can Meredith continue to lead the show that carries her name? I mean she has some children, and while they are cute, they are no McDreamy’s. Neither are any of the other male characters on the show. Not even close.

I’m going to keep watching of course, because I’m hooked - but I’m just telling you right now, Shonda lost a big fan – and Grey’s Anatomy will never be the same.

copyright 2016 Michelle Mount Mims
Also previously published @ The Havana Herald

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