Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall Festivities!

By the time you’re all reading this, it will be the first day of fall! Thursday, September 22nd is the day I’ve been waiting on since the first day of summer. It has been one more hotter than hot summer this year, and I for one am ready to celebrate carving pumpkins, marsh mellow roasts, laying our pine straw in all the flower beds, and smelling that brisk, clean air that always comes with the change in the seasons.

It goes from smelling like dry, hot dirt to burning leaves, and smoke-stack chimneys. I told you all a few weeks ago how everything in my yard was beginning to look tired and worn out. Well now it all just looks downright pitiful and like it all needs to be rescued and saved.

So I told my husband earlier today that next weekend we’d be trimming down the rest of the drying Lantana and Canna Lily beds, covering them all with fresh, red pine straw.  I bought some yellow mums that I’ll sit out beside our front yard swing. The same swing that will hold some pumpkins and my scarecrow boy and girl.

And before you know it, October will be here and the festivals will begin! Havana has a wonderful Pumpkin Festival every year that I’ve been to many, many times. Starting years ago with my children, then some years just with friends, and other years my husband and I take our own stroll around the streets and look at all the different activities.

They always have a little face painting booth and pumpkin decorating area set up for the smaller
children. Sidewalk sales and festivities all along the streets and shops of Havana. Several different food courts set-up and a sprinkling of independent vendors who have set-up one time booths to hawk their goodies.

All the merchants and their buildings are decorated to the nine’s with ghosts and goblins, witches and pumpkins. It’s a magical time in a magical place and if any of you have never been you should check it out – Saturday, October 8th.

The next event I always like to attend is Mule Day in Calvary Georgia! It’s always the first Saturday in November which will be November 5th this year. The first year I moved here in 98’ I was invited to attend Mule Day with a couple of my friends, Donna and Debbie Hall, who happen to be sister in laws as well. We all brought our children and I’m telling you, what I big time we all had that day!

Rows upon rows of vendor booths selling every kind of art and craft your mind could ever imagine. And the food booths – oh my grand! Whatever you could think of that you might want to eat - it was there! Live singing, a parade, little kids riding mules; just an absolute smorgasbord of activities that would have us all worn out by the end of the day.

Living in a small town, surrounded by many small towns, guarantees safe/fun to be had! Join the festivities! You’ll be glad you did!

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