Saturday, December 10, 2016

Holiday Tradition's

I know that by now, Thanksgiving must seem like a million years ago; but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least say what an exponentially grand time we had at my house this year for Thanksgiving dinner. 

My parents were here of course, as well as my youngest son Zach and I; but this year I invited some really good friends of ours to join us, to help fill-out our Thanksgiving table a bit, and I’m so very glad I did! We laughed until our sides hurt and ate until our stomachs felt the same. The food was good, the company was great and the day was a blessing for us all I think.

Now, you all know what comes next don’t you - THE DREADED LEFTOVERS.  Even though I sent plates of food home with everyone, I still had SO much food left over. You know actually, Thursday I was pretty impressed with myself; I did eat food and probably too much if it, but I was so full and satisfied I never even touched a single dessert that was available right at my fingertips.

Everybody left late Thursday afternoon, I watched some television that night, still not interested in putting anything else in my mouth, and I went to bed. BUT – the next day, I made up for it ALL. I was alone, left to my own devices, nothing but me and the television and a pile of shows I had DVR’d for a day such like that very day.

Every time my feet hit the floor it was as if they knew no other direction to go but the kitchen! I absolutely slow-grazed all day long, a little bit of this, a little bit of that; how in the world my stomach allowed me to consume it all I have no idea.  All that was missing was the feed-bag that probably should have been strapped to my neck!

Finally Saturday came, I knew my husband was coming home from seeing his family in SC, and it was like instinctively my hunger cycle went on strike and I couldn’t even look at food without wanting to gag.  Plus, if you all follow me around every year, you will also know that the weekend after Thanksgiving is when we always put our Christmas tree up; so I was excited as heck as well!

I did wait until Sunday before I started badgering my husband to start dragging all the decorations from the shed, plus he needed the help of my son who wouldn’t be home until late that afternoon.  So we grilled some steaks and baked a potato; because the last thing going back into my mouth was turkey!

Finally my son came over, and with the usual trash-talking and carrying-on that always seems to come with the light-stringing process, the tree was up and ready for the ornaments which didn’t happen until Monday evening because I was just worn out!

Biggest/best surprise:  Monday while I was at work – my husband strung Christmas lights on my outside bushes. Early Merry Christmas to me!

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