Saturday, December 24, 2016

Crunch Time

Alright everybody – are you feeling it yet? Are your nerves twisted up into tiny knots all over your body? Are your ears ringing from your pressure rising every time you have to enter a Walmart somewhere? Heck anywhere for that matter! There is NO place to go that is not crazy over-loaded with people, bustling around, trying to get those last few items bought.

Some are the smart shoppers who started way back in January! That’s right; there ARE people who begin their next Christmas shopping immediately after the present one has passed.  And you know why, right? THE SALES!!!!! Everything is discounted, marked down, and practically given away! IF – you still have any money left.

However, I have never been one of those shoppers. Not that there weren’t years I didn’t have the money; but I’m just simply not that organized. I have gone after-Christmas-shopping, but it’s for some particular item that I needed/wanted – but refused to pay full price for during the holidays.  Never have I set out to get all of my next year’s shopping done in one whack. What would be the joy in that? To be sane and calm, and prepared the next December, when everyone else is maniacal and running around breathless and crazy?! Who wants to be the outcast, sitting at home, watching your fill of Hallmark holiday movies, calm and satisfied knowing you’re all done – all that’s left is Christmas morning to come around.

And then there is the shopper that does a little here and a little there from about September all the way through December.  They do some of it in stores, a lot of it on-line, and by the week before Christmas, they may have a few things they still have to get, but for the most part they are done and can settle down and begin to enjoy the holidays with everyone else.

BUT – there are always THOSE PEOPLE who do ALL of their shopping at the VERY last minute, and then try and tell me/convince me, that they LOVE it. No – sorry just no. I am not buying that anyone enjoys trying to find decent gifts on Christmas Eve when everything is already all picked over, the dang shelves are no longer lined and pretty, but instead, scattered and disorganized. Nothing is where it belongs because of people putting things down wherever they decide to leave it when they decide that’s not what they wanted – and the poor store keepers are so swamped – they haven’t had time to put anything back in its proper place.

Besides the fact, that you have found yourself with all the other crazies who decided it would be FUN to shop this way, as it would bring about the true spirit of Jesus and the season. When all I can hear is people cursing under their breath as they pass me by, looking frazzled and probably wondering why they EVER though last-minute-shopping was the way to go.

May your displeasure have been minimal and your patience aplenty; and many wishes for a very Merry Christmas, from my house to yours.

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