Friday, January 27, 2017

It's Time To Come Together

The morning began just like any other Friday that I happen to be off work. I’m actually very fortunate in that I only have to work every other Friday, and even that is only until noon. But this last Friday landed on the Presidential Inaugural Day – so although it started out the same, with a fresh pot of coffee and some cinnamon toast, it certainly wouldn’t compare to any of my other Friday’s off in a long, long time.

I turned on my preferred news channel of NBC – as I like the commentators from The Today Show the best. And if I was going to spend my day listening to someone report every word and action to me, minute by minute, it would have to be the people that I like to listen to the most.

So here I sat with my toast and coffee, Matt Lauer and a host of others, as I watched the day’s events unfold. At some point that day I was asked a question. I had made a post on Face Book earlier “reporting” my whereabouts and what I was doing, so I was asked why was this the first time I had watched an Inaugural (which was a statement in my post) since I had been in high school? More specifically I was asked more than once, why I watched neither of the Obama Inaugurals but yet I was watching this one.

I took that as I was being called out – and I have to tell all who don’t know me as well - don’t do that unless you’re prepared for an honest response. I never lie down; especially when I feel like someone is using an accusatory tone in order to challenge me to get a response.
I was watching this particular 45th Inaugural because number one, I am an American, and number two, I was home that day and not at work, with access to a television.  I am sick to death of word bullies: People, who hide behind their keyboards and spew hate, disregard for anyone else's opinion, rudeness, and clear intolerance; just because their opinion/view is different.

Right now we could all use some enlightenment.  It’s one of the most under-used words - we need to use it more and LIVE IT more. I have a whole brain - not just a half - and it can hold MANY different visions at one time. I am fully capable of understanding, even when I don't agree, and remain respectful at the same time.  It’s time for us to all stand together as people, as Americans; not political foes.

I hope and pray for unity and for success. Because any failure will belong to ALL of us - will affect ALL of us - his failure is our failure - and why would anyone want that to happen - if just to prove your point that he is not the right one for the job? Get it together people - and stand together for hope, love and prosperity - God knows we need a fresh dose of it all.

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