Sunday, January 1, 2017

Long Time Coming

I know I’m not the only one by a mile. I know many others live the same way, are affected the same way, and struggle with the same repercussions from it as I do. But knowing all of that, sure doesn’t make me feel any better about my own plight.

When my oldest child moved clear to Vermont almost two years ago now, I had no idea just how long 365 days could feel when you’re living them without access to one of your loved ones. At best, the longest we had ever gone without seeing one another was about six months. But as of this coming week, it will have been a whole year, and it has been one long wait.

And because of jobs and obligations, by the time you all are reading this, he will have been here and gone again. He and his partner are flying in the Thursday before Christmas, sometime a little before midnight, and they will leave back out around noon the following Tuesday after Christmas. Not a lot of time, but I’ll take what I can get and try and cram every fun thing in that I can in that block of days.

So today, which is only five days away from their arrival, me and my youngest son sat around trying to figure out what all would be happening and when.  Thursday it’s a given that not much will be happening considering the hour of night (midnight) that they get in. But Friday will bring some grocery shopping so we can get everything still needed for Christmas dinner, and anything they need to get the dishes they’d like to include.

They of course wanted some time set aside to meet-up with hometown friends while they are here, some of that might happen Friday evening or part of Saturday.

But Saturday night we will start a new tradition. My youngest son is hosting Christmas Eve at his new home, along with a planned smorgasbord of food and entrée-sides, music, and games. He’s dragging out the ole’ corn hole boards that he just recently refinished with another coat of varnish, which are sure to bring a lot of hollering and ultra-competitiveness out of my family!

Then Sunday, of course, will be Christmas Day, and my folks will come in from Albany and for the first time in a year now, we’ll all be sitting together, having a holiday meal, giving thanks and blessings for each other and the New Year to come. We’ll be frying-up a couple of turkeys once again, making more dressing and all the rest of the fixings that are the usual, and a combination of desserts that should satisfy everyone who needs something sweet to top off their meal.

But mostly, I’m just looking forward to seeing my oldest child, face to face, because it’s just been too much of a long, long time for this old Mama and you can best believe I’m ready.  

Here’s to wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year, safe travels if that’s part of your plan, and blessings to all.

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