Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been 90 Days Already?!

Well folks, I said I would check in from time to time. So today, April 12th, is officially the 90th day of my new leaf, turning over, in motion. On January 12th, my partners and I started off walking five days a week, One mile each time. Now we are at a full seven days a week, give or take a day off here and there for scheduled doctor appointments, unscheduled rain, and life. And each time, 1 1/2 miles are walked.

I am proud to say I can now walk on my own, without the constant fear and damned near probability of breath re-cessation being necessary. My breathing has calmed down to a softer and slower gasp, instead of the last breath gasping I demonstrated for most of the first two months of walking. And I can now say about six to eight words in between gasps instead of one. People are no longer walking past me rubber necking, whispering to themselves, wondering, just exactly when I will fall out, not if.

I have dropped about 80% of the sugar from my diet. I have no idea what my sugar reading would be, but I will know in a few weeks after my first doctor visit since all this began. I do know my blood pressure readings have dropped considerably. I am hoping to be able to come off some of my blood pressure medications during that visit as well.

I haven't lost near as much weight at this point as I had hoped that I would. But I know that I am healthier, and making wiser food choices. I have only lost eighteen pounds in that 90 days, and I still have so very far to go. Granted no one notices eighteen lost pounds on an elephant. But I can see very subtle differences in myself. How my clothes fit. The lost inches are rearranging my body shape.

But I am positive I can do this. My mind is set on achieving my goals. I have no intention of telling anyone what that goal is right now. It's still such a high number it scares the hell out of me. But I fully intend to tell everybody when I reach it.

I appreciate all the positive comments you folks pass my way. The encouragement is so very appreciated. I know this is possible, because I have ashamedly had to do this before. But it's been quite a few years, and many attempts, and this is the first time I have gotten this far in a long time. I used to look for every way possible to get out of exercising. Too much to do at work, too tired, my family needed me at home. You name it, I said it. But the fact of it is, my family does need me at home. They need me to take care of myself so I CAN be at home with them. So the goal is to keep going, until I get there. And I am.

Thanks for listening, thanks for supporting and I will see you all again in 90 more days.


  1. OMG thank YOU for this blog post ...Meeechelle 18 pounds is a great accomplishment ...feeling better is an accomplishment ...lower BP is an accomplishment ...GF you keep walking keep doing hat you're doing ... Feeling motivated now and I sure need it. I have been so down about my lack of losing weight with my exercise tries that I've almost just given up ...which is crazy I know but I you ...make excuses and though my exercises make me feel MUCH better without weight loss ...I NEED to continue and focus on how I feel NOT what the scales say!!! Thank you for the PUSH this has given me ...I'm back to it tomorrow, I promise!!

  2. I love you Michelle, And we can do this...Together! It may not be physically together, but still were together! <3