Sunday, April 8, 2012

♫ You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Song Is About You ♫...And Maybe It Is

I've always found, there is no better time to identify problems, and how things really are, than when people walk around seemingly oblivious to their part in what's happening. Kind of shake things up a bit. Because as a whole, people are vain. We are a vain and oblivious people. We choose to see things as we "think" they are, how we "want" them to be, and not how they truly are most times.

As I listen to parents and grandparents talk about our children, their children, I have to wonder how did it all become this way? We knew how to raise our children. I think for the most part, we followed the guidelines as closely as we knew how. And still, something just fell apart along the way. These young people just don't get it do they? We are the reason they are even here.

We gave them the strength and courage they needed to make it in this world. We encouraged, praised (probably too much truth be told) and worshiped the ground they walked on. We brag, hang hand drawn pictures on refrigerator doors, on office file cabinets for all the world to see. We talk about their ballet classes and recitals, their football and soccer games, their girlfriends, and their buddies.

When we're talking to our friends, co-workers, and even virtual strangers at times, we tend to leave out all the bad stuff. The smart aleck mouths, the rampant disrespect, the phone calls that come with less and less frequency, the grandchildren visits we're allowed only when it's convenient for them. We don't tell anyone that they are holding their affections, their attention, and the love of our grandchildren hostage. Hostage for when it suits them.

We do this because we are a society of taught and learned cover -up. What you don't say out loud, really isn't happening. People won't know we have failed somewhere along the way, if we don't point out the obvious kinks in our grand plan that developed over time. People won't know that our hearts are broke from the lack of compassion and respect we believe we earned, but don't seem to receive.

Well I'm hear to tell all of you. We're not to blame for their misperception of how life is supposed to work. We did our job, and in some cases, I think we did it too well.  We gave them so much, left them without any want of any kind, and now, they have no idea how to give back. If we didn't show them enough of one single thing, giving back was it. We did not show them that life is a give and take deal. We did not stress enough, that it's just as important to give as it is to receive.

Last night I read ten different posts on Face Book about people watching the Ten Commandments. All of them, so proud of themselves for watching a story that tells the real reason why we are all here. Praising themselves basically for following tradition and honoring the Lord. But did you listen? Did you really pay attention, or was it just cool to post so everyone would think.."you get it". 

And when you went to your Easter Sunday services today, and you came home and posted that on Face Book, were you really listening to what the preacher had to say today? Or were you more interested in your new Easter clothes, how many times someone told you how nice you looked, and how many times people remarked how precious your children are in their Sunday's finest?

Honor thy Mother and Father.

That's just one of the Commandments. Did you know that? Did any particular thoughts cross your mind as you watched your movie last night? The movie you watched in honor of  Jesus and how he died so you could live?  Now that you're here, and grown, and on your own, are we not what you think we should be? Are you ashamed of us and how we talk, dress and present ourselves? Do we not meet up to your sophisticated standards? Are we too "backwoods" for your uptown life?

My blog stories are not always popular. Mostly because I speak the truth, and the truth doesn't always feel so good. And this story isn't about everyone. Not even close. There are so many people who really do "get it", even in their pretty Easter clothes. There are so many people who do walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

But for those of you who make it all the way through this story, without clicking escape somewhere in the middle, because you refuse to continue to read the babbling's of a woman who doesn't know what the heck she's talking about...go ahead. When your neck and face feel like they're on fire, that's guilt. And better than that, it's your conscious. So do something about it. Remember where you came from and how you got here. Think of someone other than yourself. And show some respect for the folks that got you here. Because I promise you, today, Jesus is not the only one you need to give thanks.

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