Sunday, May 8, 2016

Love Lives Forever

Her bright-eyed almost childlike manner, her squeaky, always overly excited voice and ever present smile are her some of her life-long trademarks. She’s ever-positive, energetic, encouraging and hopeful. And yesterday, even in the most awful of circumstances – through bouts of uncontrollable tears and overwhelming emotion – she still remained all of the above.

Saturday afternoon I attended a baby shower for a “little girl” named Kathryn Seable Williams. Seable is a family name, after her great Aunt Seable on her PaPa’s side.  That little girl is now a beautiful woman, and is about to be an amazing mama. I already knew, given the circumstances, that it was very possibly going to be a difficult and overwhelmingly emotional day; just how much so, there was no real way to know.

The shower was being held in Altha, Florida at the home of her Aunt Judy Bodiford, who is always such a gracious hostess for these type of events. I’ve had the privilege of attending several functions in her home and they are always so elegantly set-up, yet also so comfortable, you’re immediately at ease in your surroundings.

Aunt Judy and her sisters – Carolyn (Aunt Con), Aunt Sue, Aunt Jackie (Aunt Dude) and Aunt Jean gather together and put on the best shing-dings you have ever seen. Full of good food and each celebration is coordinated with the decorations for which it demands – and most often topped off with mimosas like any southern brunch/shower should be – for everyone but the mama-to-be!

This particular day I was extremely thankful for my southern roots, and for all the other women who surrounded Kathryn as well, because no one on this earth can bring comfort and pour out love on someone who needs it, more than down-home southern women.

The prior Thursday evening, Kathryn tragically lost her husband-to-be and the love of her life; and their soon-to-be baby girl, Aubrey Seable, lost the daddy she will never know. But yesterday, Kathryn came into that house hugging-tight and loving all, alternately smiling and crying, showering everyone with thanks and appreciation. But at the very end of the shower, she took a long breath, stood up and announced she had something to say.

I wish I could repeat it verbatim for you all, but I cannot. Except to say they were the most heartfelt and kind words imaginable given the inner turmoil going on inside her heart and her body. She said such kind words in honor of her love for Hector Ferrer and the promise that she would do her best to raise their daughter with all the love she possessed and that she appreciated all the love and guidance surrounding her.

Tears trailing down her face, but with such strength and resilience in her voice, she vowed to everyone, that Hector would always be in her heart and her soul and that she would make sure Aubrey Seable, would know the legacy of her daddy and how much he loved her.

Aubrey Seable Ferrer will forever be a living testament to the deep, heart-felt love between her daddy and her mama – in that we can all believe.

Also previously published @ The Havana Herald


  1. With everything that has been going on this week...Christina Grimmie, The Pulse Nightclub, and I just stumbled onto the article Hector Ferrer...I just keep thinking what makes people believe that they have a right to take someone else's life. Leaving devastation and loss in it's wake. Now this baby girl doesn't have her daddy, a family lost their daughter because someone thought they had the right to take Christina's life and everyone that lost their lives at the nightclub. Unbelievably sad. I'm so sorry for this mommy, and baby daughters loss.

  2. This is so sad and breaks my heart. I just had my baby girl in April and don't know what I would do if I was in this woman's shoes. I hope that she has a good support system that will help her through this pain. Although her fiance is not here, a little piece of him will always be there in the form of their daughter. As soon as I am able to, I will be donating to their go fund me account.