Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Cook's On Vacation

It all glared back at me as if to say “Who are you, where have you been and what in the heck are you doing back here? You left us all alone and now it looks like you’ve come crawling back to claim us. You pick us up and put us down, and think nothing about the time that passes in between”.

And it’s true, it’s all right where I left it after the last time, which when, is what I can’t even really remember; stacked nice and neatly on the shelving, just waiting for the next user to come and visit.

In another room the oven door seemed to creak and groan as I pulled it open ready to use it – again, for the first time in ages.

I’ve got one family member with one foot out the door on any given day and another who works on the road a lot this time of the year. Neither are home very much, come in late at night, most of the time haven already eaten, and the weekends – well their time here is so sporadic – who wants to try and fix meals for that kind of non-existence?

Who wants to stand in the heat of a kitchen for hours on end fixing those big weekend dinners, frying up pork chops or chicken, making homemade mashed potatoes and special dishes for folks who will arrive who knows when, telling you – no thanks - they stopped by McDonald's on the way home – but they’ll eat it for leftovers later.

I haven’t cooked a full blown meal for weeks – until today. I used my oven and two eyes on the stove. That’s more than has been used at any one time in probably a month.

But when I walked into the back room to gather up the pots and pans that I would need to make today's dinner, there they all sat, ready to go; even if they did look back at me accusingly and at the same time making me feel slightly ashamed.

I’ll tell you what did look relieved though – that dang can opener of mine! Cause it has sure enough gotten a work out for the past month! Pork and bean cans for beanie weenies, Ravioli cans for quick suppers, and tuna cans for a LOT of tuna salad. I know when that can opener saw me pass it by it said a silent “thank you Jesus, that woman is FINALLY going to cook something that doesn’t involve me!”

I really think this whole experience is putting me in training for when it really is just me and my husband here most of the time. My youngest has finally signed on his home and after the pre-work is done in it, he’ll be moving out, probably mid-June or so. And there will only be just the two of us – and many times just one.

So what I really need all of you folks to do, is send me your recipes for simple dishes that don’t involve hours of work. I’ll be waiting - with my can opener on stand-by.

copyright 2016 Michelle Mount Mims
Also previously published @ The Havana Herald

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