Saturday, October 8, 2016

Buckle Up!

I’m going to start where I left off last week. By stating the obvious once more and say that our nation has absolutely no priorities. None.

I also said that I had no clear thoughts about what is happening to us or why – but I do. I do have one real and clear thought. Lack of leadership.

Let me take you back about 12 years – to the National Conventions – when they called out the name Barack Obama – and he headed to the stage to speak. Just as if it were yesterday, I can remember listening to this smart and beyond-his-years wise-sounding man and thinking to myself, he will be President one day. He SHOULD be president one day.

Then 4 years later he is elected. And good gosh almighty what a mess he walked into. We were slowly climbing out of the deep, dark hole of 9/11, the recession that followed for years afterward, and were just coming up for air. People were starting to think we might see daylight again and that maybe the worst was over.

But the nation was so far in debt, in such a shambles, how could he have possibly “repaired” all of that in just four short years. So we elected him again, and here we are four years later and we have not seen sunshine yet.

I watched the first live debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton week before last and I’ve got to tell you folks – I’m not sure we’ll ever see real sunshine again. It’s always normal to see political satire and comedy acts replicating/imitating presidential nominees during campaign season. 

But when the real life stuff becomes so outlandish and comedic – that it reaches far beyond anything some artist or actor could create for a picture or a skit – well that pretty much sums up the state of our union.

When the debate battles become screeching/smirking/lying/accusing contests between two grown people – one of whom by the time the elections roll around in November, will be running our COUNTRY in January – well I don’t know about you, but that just scares the bejezzus out of me.

I mean seriously people, we can’t get past the point about what he hasn’t paid to the federal government (and how smart he apparently is for getting away with it) and her (I didn’t know) illegal use of an email server, to talk about much of anything that is going to straighten out our country and all the cracks in its foundation.  I for one, am not entirely sure there’s enough Spackle in the world.

But the most disappointing and horrifying fact is this: we are a more divided nation than ever right now. I hear very few conversations about definitive votes in either direction. But I hear a LOT of conversations about voting for “the lesser of two evils” in regards to one candidate or another.

Again I leave you with another thought: how did we get here – to voting for the least scary monster? Because make no doubt – WE DID IT. Buckle-up your seatbelts - the worst is yet to come. 

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