Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's Time To Fall Waaaaaaaaay Back!

I have been waiting for this since earlier in the year when it was taken from me. Stolen right out from under me, just like a thief in the night, while I slept. Literally. And when I awoke, I looked over to the side of the bed towards my nightstand, squinting my eyes as I always do when I first wake-up, like you do when the first light of day busts you in the eyes through your windshield if you’re driving East on your way to work. And there it was – or should I say – there it wasn’t. Anymore. It was gone. Just gone.

But I’m fixing to get it back by golly! In just a few weeks, I’ll lay down at night to rest my head and relax my tired bones, and the next morning it will feel just like Christmas! I’ll wake-up, go through my whole waking-up routine, and there it will be. Just like Santa Claus read my letter, and brought me just what I wanted and asked for, except it’s sitting on my nightstand, instead of under the tree.

I’ll glance over, squint once more, and then smile. Smile the biggest smile you have ever seen, then flop my messy-haired-head right back down on that soft, cool pillow, knowing that in that minute – I won. It’s my time to shine – such exaltation – because I GOT IT BACK!! That hour that was stolen from me nearly eight months ago, was rightfully returned and it’s right back on my clock where it belongs.

This weekend has also marked the preemptive setting for all of the upcoming changes as well. It’s as if the weather and the world’s time-clock are running in perfect rhythm with one another. Because everybody in the Big Bend area woke-up to temperatures down in the 40’s and the highs of the day, only to hit the mid 80’s.

My neighbor across the street was up early this morning chopping wood for his fireplace, and I’ve seen more than one Face Book picture posted of late-night fire pits, folks sitting around in jackets and vests, roasting marshmallow’s and making s’mores. As well as pictures of early bow-hunters sitting in tree-stands hoping for that first deer of the season.

But of course with ALL of these things, comes for me at least, my annual hay fever symptoms. The sneezing, wheezing and coughing that takes much of the fun out of what everyone else seems to be able to enjoy.

There is no riding with my truck windows down, no letting the windows in the house up, and no sitting on my front porch in the cool, night air or actually, outside period if the wind is blowing; at least not until the first freeze comes that will kill off all the fall pollination.

But that’s alright. Once it gets dark earlier, I won’t feel so left out, because everyone else will be inside with me, instead of enjoying the activities that spring always affords.

Break out the slow cookers, soup and chili recipes – it’s just about that time folks! Bundle-up!

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