Sunday, November 13, 2011

Second Time Is A Charm

As I watched the events unfold, I knew this would be forever. Sometimes when you look at people, you just know. I don't know why, for some of us, it takes a second time before it's right. It just does. But man, when it's right, anybody and everybody around you knows it. The culmination of what it takes to bring about that magic...who really knows. It's like a secret recipe. A little of this, a lot of that, and a pinch of one or more ingredients makes the whole thing come out just right.

I knew I would cry. I always do. There's something about looking at real, true love that does that to me. Heck, my eyes were watering once the music started. Which by the way, was the perfect music for these two people, all the way through the ceremony. There's a lot of thought process that goes into that part of a wedding. Individual tastes and personalities dictate what we, as the witnesses, will hear. And every note and every word, was true to form, for these two people and who they are to each other.

She was as beautiful as I knew she would be. And he was just as handsome as every other time I have ever seen him. He beamed with love and pride as she made her journey down the aisle towards forever. Her sweet Daddy, holding onto her, one last time. It sounds exaggerated, but her face was actually glowing. I wish you could bottle the expression on her face. What a fortune you would make with the scent of love and happiness that was so openly expressed.

The vows were spoken with smiles and almost laughter all the way through. I think she was nervous, and she laughs, as she always has, when she's nervous. Or maybe, she and only she, knew the secrets his eyes were telling her in their silence. It's obvious there are a lot of unspoken words passed between them. Words that bring small smiles, sweet expressions and private laughter.

The sand ceremony was familiar, yet always fresh and new to me. The blending of souls and love into one place. The presence of your love shown in a form of a forever keepsake. Grayson, Tracy and Madison, all poured into one place, one heart, one life in its new beginning. 

The second set of vows were spoken with their little girl, Madison. Tracy will share, as she has for so many months now, in the raising and guiding through life of Madison. I had never before seen this type of insertion into a wedding ceremony and it was absolutely beautiful. I think it should be a part of every wedding ceremony where children are involved in the joining of lives. It was beautiful that Tracy and Grayson both acknowledged Madison's part in this journey.  Such respect, such love, they were willing to announce to the world and promise to Madison. She too, received a small ring on her tiny hand, as a token of forever.

While I have not known Tracy since birth, I feel as if I have known her a lifetime. She has one of the most beautiful souls on this earth. I constantly tell her, she is truly an angel here on earth. And I mean it. With all of my heart.  She, Grayson and Madison are about to begin a new life, and in a few short months, Waylon will join them. He was there today, and I'd like to think, he knew it. I believe even unborn babies feel happiness and contentment. And as his Mama, danced with his Daddy, he was able to participate in the time old ceremony, the first dance. Tucked between Tracy and Grayson, he moved and swayed with the music of love, and couldn't have been any closer to the two of them, had he been here already.

I wish much love to this new little family. I wish many days of cupcakes and birthday candles, Mommy and Daughter day pedicures, camouflage jeeps, and BB guns.  I wish for many more dances in the moonlight with bonfires glowing in the background, and sweet country music playing on a radio in the distance.

Happy Wedding Day to Grayson, Tracy, Madison and Waylon. What a wonderful life lies ahead of you. True love is a gift from God. I'm so glad He has blessed all of you.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims

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