Saturday, November 5, 2016

Old Time Tradition's

We hadn’t been one single time this year, for one reason or another; a hurt knee, and because earlier in the season it was just too blasted hot! For years, we did it, 100 degrees or not, but as the old folks, like me now say, it’s way too hot for me when I’ve got no skin in the game, no dog in the fight.

My knee still has me confined a bit, but not enough that we couldn’t attend last Friday night’s Homecoming/Senior Night combined game. There was still certainly not any bleacher climbing, so we sat on the first row of the middle section of the bleachers. Now I can’t say our view of the field was the best it’s ever been, but our socializing activities were kicked-up a few notches for sure! When you sit on the first row, you see any and everybody who walks down the main sidewalk to get to where they’re going.

Myself and everybody else we saw, were running neck to neck with any politician running for office with all the neck-hugging and hand-shaking that went on all night long. We got to see folks that we hadn’t seen since maybe last year at the Robert F Munroe Homecoming game! 

Both senior recognition and Homecoming honors were held during half-time. The Homecoming
Representatives were as beautiful as always, with Miss Allison Bergman taking the honor of Queen for 2016. Senior representatives Morgan Bot, Emma Jones, and Jenna Branson were all just as beautiful as runner-ups and graciously congratulated their longtime friend and classmate on her victory.

Additionally there was a chili-cook-off and who else, but the first woman in Greensboro, Florida history ever to be voted into the Town Council was there to judge, Libby Fletcher Henderson! The master chefs and results being:
1st place – T.S. Co. Chuckwagon Chili – Jason Thompson and Billy Suber
2nd place – Munroe’s Madhouse Chili – Ben Munroe
3rd place – Last year’s winner, Phil & Phil’s Championship Chili – Phillip Adams & Phillip Suber
4th place – Wilson’s Chili Company – Wil Hinson
Worst Chili – TJZ’s Chili – Todd Baroody, Jason Boone and Zach Helms

And an honorable mention to Jackson Boone for showing his Bobcat Pride, agreeing to wear a costume befitting of the cooking occasion at hand – he wore a hot dog costume all night and even made the 11:00 local news!

But my favorite part of the whole night, before the game began, we were all asked to stand for a moment of prayer. The National Anthem came next, with a resounding rendition blaring strong and proud through the speakers and night air. And as we all stood with our hands over our hearts, and we did all stand, not a single soul was kneeling – slowly but surely the flag begin to glide-up the pole, the strings being pulled by a local Boy Scout Troop led by Jenni Hansell Briggs, until the flag reached the very top, and I had the same feeling of mighty pride I always have when this happens.

Even though the Bobcat’s didn’t win the game, it was another one for the memory books.

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