Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meeting In The Middle

Gadsden County is one of the most diversified places I have personally ever lived in regards to race. It's indeed a melting pot of human beings and many-layered tiers of financial status.
And yet not one single person has created a riot, a fire, a flag burning, or spray painted a swastika on a landmark for all to see. No one is standing in the street with angry, wide-open mouths hollering nasty words or holding signs that say the same.  As a matter of fact, the people here are just as they ever were which is respectful, polite, and kind.
Last week I was in Leon County and as I was leaving a restaurant I saw a pile of young Caucasian girls - in their early 20's following out behind me. I stopped to hold the door, and instead of the next young lady holding for the next, and so on, they all filed out, all six of them while I, the 53 year old woman held the door open for them.
Today I was entering a food establishment here in Quincy - Gadsden County - and a man, in his 40's, a man of color, was standing outside talking on his phone. As I was approaching the door, he saw me, took three extra quick steps in an effort to grab the door and hold it open for me, never intending to enter himself at that moment, because he stood outside for another 10 minutes finishing his conversation before he ever came in. He was simply being a gentleman.
I don't know where the problem with lack of respect lies, but I will tell you that I'm very disappointed that people of this country seem to think that violence and hate is the way to voice your emotions about someone who you feel is violent and hateful. Makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. If you feel that strongly that a mistake has been made, demonstrating the same-like behavior with ugly sound-bites and even uglier behavior doesn't really seem to be making your point - does it?
I'm just trying to understand. I truly am. I have a child who was a Democrat supporter and I have a child who was a Republican supporter. And of course, I understand the disappointment of one and the joy of the other. And never in a million years would I dare to confront either one about their very personal and passionate choices. I will not choose, disagree or argue with either - because I love them and I believe in both of them and I respect their separate/different ideals and philosophy's about life.

I think we would all do to try and carry ourselves in the same manner. Because no way will I ever believe that what is happening now - is a positive solution. What a sad example we are setting for our neighboring countries - you know - the ones who don't have freedoms? I just imagine they're probably sitting back watching and wondering why we do.

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