Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life Is Ever Changing

I think as I get older, I revise on a continual basis, what's really important. And what's not. I can remember when being able to buy a new outfit, with a new pair of cutie tootie sandals was all it took to make my world go round'. I can remember when having a night to go out, and have a good time was the bomb. And now, what thrills me, what makes me smile, what makes me tick, has little or nothing to do with money, with clothes, or with partying.

As I drove back from Tallahassee today, with my new tree in tow, grinning from ear to ear, I knew that once again, my priorities had shifted. I begin to think to myself. Rambling quietly in my own mind space, what was really important to me now. The quiet ramblings sounded a little like this....

It's important that:

My children's cars crank when they are alone...anywhere.

That I remember to tell everyone I care about and love, when they are traveling, to chances.

That my plants get enough water, to survive, and bloom, because they make me feel good.

That my youngest son knows, that manners and respect will always make up for innocent ignorance.

That my oldest son knows, that one day, his feelings of self-involvement will change and he will love enough to be unselfish.

That my parents know, I am so proud to be their daughter. And while they may think they could have done a better job with me...I think I turned out alright.

That my friend Patti makes it though her battle and is able to visit her beautiful beaches again.

When I touch my husband's face with my hand while he is sleeping, he unconsciously turns his face into my hand in return.

That I try my best to remember all of my family and friends when they have problems or troubles in their lives, and ask about them and how they are doing.  It's important they know I care.

That my friend Penny makes it through her battle and is here to raise her youngest son, and survive the grief of her oldest son.

That my friend Stacey makes it through two weddings in one year, of her son and daughter, without going broke, or losing her mind.

That I keep my bird feeders full of feed and the bird bathes full of fresh water so that I can enjoy their beauty.

That I am home from work in time to have supper ready for my son when he starts his two a days for Spring football.

I get a good nights sleep at least 3 times a week. I can survive and so can everyone else if I at least get that.

That the price of gas come down as quickly as possible. It is hindering my Saturday night drives with my husband, which I find extremely calming and necessary.

That when I am lying in bed, and I lean over, and sing softly, in my husbands ear, my latest, most favorite song, "Are you gonna kiss me or not"...that he smile that same slow smile from long ago..and..oblige me. No matter that not one single note is in key.

That I make notations on the backs of all pictures, the time and date, and the day I may not remember.

That we somehow, some way, make time to take our boat out and go fishing. I have not been this year, not one single time. And I miss the smell and the sunrise something fierce. Not to mention, my green worms.

And while, it is not personally important to me, if none of the Nascar races get rained out this season..that would be GREAT. I have to listen to a LOT of grumbling and whining when that happens.

That if my sons have to experience heartbreak, and they will, one day. That it not be anytime soon. I'm not ready for that for either one of them. And I sure do like Zachary's Kay and Joshua's Josh.

That my friend Lynn...her husband makes a successful recovery from his heart bypass surgery. She fusses about him an awful lot, but would be totally lost without him. Because she loves him so. 

I have a lot to be thankful for, grateful for, and happy about. I have a job that I like, a nice home to live in, a beautiful yard, enough to eat, and now, and air conditioner that works. I have a wonderful man, husband, Daddy to my children, and son in law to my parents. I have two wonderful sons who both have the most wonderful girlfriends and boyfriends. I have made it to age of 47, with a minimal amount of hard knocks that I surely probably could have had. So tonight...I will lay down, say my prayers, and wait to see what tomorrow brings. Wait and see, when I change my list of what's important and what is not. Because if I continue to grow and learn, it will. This I know.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims

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