Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Poet And Don't Know It

Back in July of 2004, my oldest son Joshua moved away from home. I've told you all several stories by now, about that time in our lives and how difficult it was for everyone involved. I've told you how sad and depressed, my youngest son Zachary and I were. I think I even told the story of me finding my youngest son, in his older brothers empty room. Sobbing until his body could heave no harder.

Today at work, I was cleaning out my computer files. I have things from years and years ago. Pictures, newspaper articles, stories and letters. I have them all saved to various folders. Some of the folders are actually sited with my childrens names. Meaning, whatever is in that folder is something that pertains to, or began with, them.

As I am looking through these folders, trying to filter out what really needs to be saved and what does not, I ran across a poem. A poem written by my son. Well, surprise to you all. This poem was not written by Joshua. It was written by Zachary. Written when he was eleven years old, for his English class. That particular year, his class was working on a bevy of poems as a project for English. I was privy to many of them, which I thought were all good. But this particular poem touched my heart and made me cry. It was so very honest, so very clear, and so very exactly how it happened. In Zachary's minds eye.

Why I ever thought I could write a story that could have relayed it any better than what I am about to present to you, I will never know. Zachary is a very private person. He always has been. And that he allowed himself to show his pure and still very raw feelings, is still absolutely remarkable to me. I hope you all enjoy it. As my husband says, every time he makes up some silly rhyme...."A poet and don't know it, make a rhyme every time. Zachary is indeed " A poet and don't know it".

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims

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  1. Oh my ... that is gooooood! Poet and didn't know it ... for sure!