Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Believe

I believe the reason why people have a such a hard time with me cannot control me. You cannot change me. Your views will not sway me. I believe as hard as you do. I feel as strongly as you do. But they are my feelings. Not yours. And the difference between you and I is.... I don't care about yours. I neither need or want to change your mind. I don't want to sway you. I don't want you to see the light. You have your own light..I have mine. My thoughts and choices are all over the place. And I like it that way. You cannot pigeon hole me..and I like that. I like that until you ask me, more times than not, you will not know my answer. And in the same respect, I will not try and alter your thoughts or mindset in any kind of way. Ever. I like that we can be so very different and still be friends. Life would be so boring otherwise.

I believe in free speech. But I don't believe in hurtful words or hateful hearts.
I believe in the right to bear arms. But I don't like that people carry guns on their hips in the same supermarket I take my children shopping in.
I believe we love who we love and nobody else and their opinions should matter.
I believe Yes Ma'am and No Sir will always be "in style". 
I believe that men and women are born gay. I believe they are genetically made that way. I believe I have a gay son, and I believe it does not matter now and it never has.
I believe you should be able to marry whoever you want to marry, in any state of the United States of America.
I believe that you should be able to have as many children as you want to have, if you can pay for them. I believe in helping people, but not when they do not help themselves.
I believe recipients of welfare should be drug tested every three months. I believe if they fail, the welfare should stop. If there are children involved, they should be placed within the family. If there is none, foster care. Foster care or a drug addict, which is better?
I believe in capital punishment and the death penalty. If you kill someone I love, I do not want you to ever breathe again. Much less feed and clothe you. 
I believe abortion is a very personal choice. I could not do it. But I will not tell another woman, who has been brutally raped, that she must carry and give birth to, the child that came from a monster.
I believe that if you are in my house and you do not belong there, that you are there to do no good. And I know I could kill you to protect my family. I know that I would.
I believe children or adults arrested for bullying should serve jail time.
I believe if you can beat or hurt an animal, you have the ability to do the same to a human being. I believe you are missing part of your humanity chip. 
I believe if this country handled things with the "eye for an eye"  formula, there would be less thefts and less deaths. Don't you think, if you knew stealing would cause a hand to be removed, you would think a little bit harder? And if a man rapes or abuses/molests children, he is castrated? Don't you think that would be a bigger deterrent than drugs to "stop the want"? Remove it..I promise you, the want is instantly over.
I believe if you live as right as you know how, you will go to heaven. Whether or not the back of your behind ever sits in a church pew or not.
I believe there are plenty of people who sit in church every time the doors are open, but will be standing behind me, at the gates of heaven.
I believe, that if I love you, and I care about you, I will do anything in this world to help you. Even if I think you are wrong. 
I don't believe that you can cheat on your spouse every week, go to mass, and say ten Hail Mary's and be forgiven.
I believe the good Lord and I have a lot to talk about. And I believe that he loves me still.
I believe you reap what you sow, and I believe what goes around comes around.
I believe if you push me, I will push back. If you crowd me, I will run. If you mistreat me, you will no longer know me. 
I believe in signs, good and bad. And if He is ignored, He will show you.
I believe with all my heart, my husband made me a better person.
I believe with all my heart, my sons made my husband a better man.
I believe you should apologize with the same energy you caused the hurt.
I believe sometimes you have to make the choice to be the bigger person.
I believe sometimes, you can do no more, and you must make the decision to walk away. 

And I believe that I will still feel the same way about anyone who does or does not choose to read this. I am fine with being different. I am fine with standing alone. As long as I know in my own mind and heart, that I truly believe in what I am saying, I am fine if I am left standing alone. For no one, true to their own heart, is ever really alone.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. I Believe ... you said it all! Nicely written and as always well said!

  2. Michelle you are an amazing person. And frankly I like people who call it like they see it. I equally dislike people who try to convince me their opinion is right. You have a gift my friend and I am glad You share it.

  3. Another masterpiece I do believe.

  4. You and I believe alike. I believe that many people believe like we do, just most do not have the guts to state it. Those people put on false faces to save face for themselves or others and cannot truly be there for anyone although they say that they are. Great article!