Saturday, January 1, 2011

Redneck or Genius

I said I could take a picture with my great flash, I didn't say he would cooperate. Especially since he knew I couldn't see.
I knew when we moved to Quincy, Florida back in 1998, we were moving to the closest version of  "in the country" we had ever seen. I had been divorced a little over a year, and was offered a job transfer that financially, I could not turn down. I had already been driving back and forth from my home to Quincy, twice a week, for about four years. So, it wasn't that I didn't know about Quincy. That it was small. That it was "country". I did. I think. Maybe I just didn't pay close enough attention.

When I was looking for a place for me and my boys to live, I stayed here for about a week, looking. I looked all over Tallahassee. Because I had been in Quincy enough times to know there was no Mall here, no major store chains or book stores. But Tallahassee just didn't "feel" right for me. For me and my boys. And although I came from a bigger city, Albany Georgia, it was nothing like Tallahassee, Florida in size. I felt what Quincy would lack in amenities, it would make up with warmth. I was lucky enough to find a house here in Quincy, out in the country, directly off of Hwy 65. It was a wonderful house. Big, re-done farm house, with 10 foot ceilings and huge rooms. Sitting on about 2 acres of land. What better place to bring my boys, one 12 years old and one 3 years old, to grow up.  Although I am sure it was a culture shock for my 12 year old, my 3 year old never skipped a beat.

As a matter of fact, my three year old flourished. He slipped right into the good old boy network like it was his second skin. Scarily so. I noticed about 6 months after we moved here, some definite changes. He attended a day care center here in Quincy, so he had constant interaction with other children and adults. We were sitting at our breakfast table one morning, and suddenly I noticed, Zachary was talking funny. Out of the side of his mouth. Like an old side winder. With some kind of crazy sounding accent to boot. I looked at my oldest son, Josh, and asked him what in the world??? What was happening to our Zachary? I told Josh, we moved away too soon. We didn't stay long enough for Zach to get his speech fully developed. And now, now look at him. Talking out of the side of his mouth with some crazy accent.

Well, the side of the mouth thing, was only a phase. Thank goodness. But the speech, the accent, and the's all still there. And on nights like tonight, I know, that if maybe moving to Quincy Florida was not one of the best things I ever did, (and I think it is) it is certainly, one of the most entertaining.

Our electricity went out tonight. For three hours. Zachary had a party to go to. He had not even showered. We had about an an hour to spare, before he absolutely had to start getting dressed. Maybe it would work out. It didn't. I just thanked the heavens above, I didn't have a girl. Can you imagine the drama? Of trying to get her hair washed, dried, and fixed..her make-up on? Whew...not me. Don't want to. So, our own fun begins.

First thing that happens, after about 30 minutes and still no lights. I ask Mims to drive us up the street to see if anyone was working on anything yet. He asks me am I crazy??!! This, coming from the man who will chase an emergency siren that he hears, from five miles up the road. And I tell him so. So, he takes me, but we see nothing. Second plan begins to take form. They both, Fric and Frac, or Mims and Zach, leave out of the house. In the dark. I think, great, they're going after generator. Uh naw, they both come back. But they don't have the generator. They have my solar lights. The same solar lights that were IN THE GROUND, IN MY YARD. These lights will work, they say. They'll make great emergency lights, they say. Zach heads towards the bathroom to take a shower, toting one of these solar lights with him. He proceeds to put the stake part of the light, inside the curtain rings to hold his lighting in place.  So he can shower. Yes, yes he does. When he gets out, he takes the solar light to his bedroom and strategically moves it around to find his pants, shirt, belt and boots.Then he gets dressed.  With my solar lights.

Zachary left for his party, and best I could tell, his clothes matched and he had all of them on. I take pictures of every event. This one was no different. My camera has a wonderful flash. So even though I could not see two feet in front of my face, I could take a memory picture.

Our lights came back on about 30 minutes ago. As soon as the lights came back on, Mims left out with my solar lights, to put them back in the ground. Where they belong. As he was walking out, he said, " See, see how great they worked?" Zachary got it honest.That much is a fact.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims