Sunday, February 27, 2011

Full Of Charm..and Other Stuff

I wonder why it is, the people who seem to require/want the least attention..get the most. The people who seem so totally unaware of their surroundings and how people feel about them..get the  most. Attention. Everybody wants to be their friend. Everybody wants to sit by them at the lunch room table. They always seem to be the funny people too. And again, totally unaware of themselves or what they cause. Oblivious.

I dated a boy like that in high school. He was not my first real boyfriend. But he was my first real love. He was funny. My good grand he was funny. And he never even tried. I don't really know what it was about me he liked. Maybe because I didn't chase him down. I never was a chaser. Still not. I'll turn blue first. And I didn't want to be chased either. No leeches please.

My youngest son. Is that person. He is SO laid back, and SO unassuming. I promise you, the girl who finally wraps him up one day...well...I want to meet her. I want to interview her. I will probably want to give her a medal.

I tried to talk to my son this morning about his current girlfriend. Not that I want him to act crazy over any girl right now. He's barely 16 years old. But I want him to show respect. It never appears to me that he communicates. He had to work all day yesterday. Understood. Work comes first. But even after, I never saw him call her. Talk to her.

So I asked him this morning, how she was..he said fine. I asked him what all she did yesterday..he said I don't know. After being stone-walled several times, I decided, he needed some "this is how women work" advice. I tried to explain to him, we don't do well to be left hanging. While we understand that they have to work, when they are not, we would like a call. He said he was tired..I said I just asked your mouth to open and shut. Not to run a 3 mile race. After ten minutes or so, he looked at me and said, "Mama, she doesn't need all that, she's different". Different..hmmmm. So I said, "Well son, I sure do hope so, I hope you know what you're talking about".  We continued to eat our Sunday morning breakfast and talk about our plans for the day.

He doesn't like clingy, attention needy girls. He thinks he has found one who is not. I have found, that later in life, you run across independent females. Females who are just fine with or without you. But younger girls. Not so much. I personally think, he is headed for a lot of nights of "hanging with the boys". And honestly, he appears to be alright with that too. I don't know what I'm so worried about it. He's surely not.

A year or so ago, he dated a sweet, pretty young girl. He was too selfish and self-involved then. Or maybe, he was just who he is..a simple, uncomplicated young man. When he's tired, he's tired. When he's sleepy, he's sleepy.  When he has something to say he talks, and when he doesn't ...well he doesn't. He's driven by honesty and integrity. And I gotta tell you, there's plenty of females out there looking for a guy like that.

Tonight he's having 6 o'clock supper at his girlfriends house. So I am guessing, that she must be "different" and alright with my funny, sweet son. He sure does keep me laughing and entertained. And the charm, he is just eat up with it indeed. I probably just need to let him run his own show. He's pretty confident he knows what he's doing. I might need to just take my old school behind somewhere and have seat. Seat back, and watch how this generation does it. Simple, and uncomplicated. It sure does sound good. If it works.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. I love this and just really relate.. WE are so very lucky to have Sons. They are so special and unique. They love and respect us and every now and then they listen even when we think that they arent.. I love you....Debi

  2. Sounds like he knows what he wants...a whiny,clingy girl..Not!! He's found a girl that has a life :)