Monday, February 14, 2011

The Joy Of Reckless Abandon

You know, I've always thought I was pretty normal. I thought speaking my mind and telling the truth were normal. I thought being open was the only way to be. And I still think that. For me, anyway.

I like knowing I don't have to remember who I said what I said it..or why I said it. I like that I can have a sense of humor about myself. I can't imagine not laughing about something I have done at least once every day. I'm just one of those people. And silly crazy stuff, just really does happen to me. A lot.

I like sharing my funny, sometimes stupid, life. Even if it doesn't put me in the best of lights. If it makes someone laugh, someone feel better, who cares? Who cares if I put all my stuff out there for anyone who will listen? If you don't like what I talk about, or how I talk, don't listen. I promise, you won't go to hell or the devil for laughing at my crazy behind. No matter what I'm talking about. The good Lord does not punish you for listening to me, even if you think I have gone too far. I personally think the Lord has a wonderful sense of humor. Evidence to that, you can see on any given day. In any direction you look.

I like knowing my life experiences can make somebody feel better on a bad day. I like hearing, that MY life experiences have been YOUR life experiences. And I like hearing you thought you were the only one. That you thought you were alone. Because I like knowing. That now. Because I put myself out there. You know you are not. By yourself. You're not the only one stupid crap happens to, you're not the only one with problems. Everybody has family stuff. Everybody has personal stuff. And everyone thinks their stuff is bigger and runs deeper than anyone elses. Well, surprise. It doesn't.

Just think how much we could help people, if we would all be open. Talk about what your problems are, and how much they bother you. Talk about what you need to talk about, to feel better. You can do all that without being hurtful. As long as the focus of conversation is on yourself, people will be able to identify with you.

I shared some really personal information yesterday with some people I thought were special enough to receive it. Some of those people, I shared with, simply to lift their spirits. Some so I would know, that even though I couldn't see them, they could " hear and see" me through my story, and laugh their behinds off.  There may be some of those people, who would have rather I hadn't shared. And if there are some of those people amongst that shared group, then I made a bad decision in judgment. It happens.

Reckless abandon is the way I live. I may not always choose wisely, when gathering those to ride along with me. Maybe I should ask first. If you want to climb in for the ride. I'll admit. Most times.  I am so busy trying help. Trying to create something positive. I'm not paying attention. I just automatically think. You are already on board. I'm trying to get your mind off of yourself or your problems and onto me. Onto me and whatever ridiculous thing has happened to me that I think is worthy of a laugh or two.

I hope I hit more home runs with my method than strike outs. I'm sure, I will hit some foul balls along the way. But I mean well. And I always wish you well. And my goal is to always make you laugh. Just laugh. Not feel guilty. Just better. My motives are good. My intentions are straight from my heart to yours. And maybe with the hopes.  That you can take a chance.  And feel a little reckless yourself. And laugh with carefree abandon.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. Your stories are so from your heart. You make us laugh and cry and think wow that was or could be me.. I do not think that if you ever offend someone that they should take what you say personally. I think many times we are stuffy in our beliefs and my God is not stuffy. He is loving and kind and he knows that girls will be girls.. We do not intend to harm anyone and if it happens occasionally well it is Time To GET OVER IT.. Judging someone is way worse than anything you will ever write about and that is a Fact so if anyone Judges you they will be judged and that is a FACT.. No One is perfect, mistake free, or sinless so lets be real you just choose to share and I personally can not get enough of your honesty. It is refreshing and fun and very funny... I simply love your tell it like it is attitude and I surely am the same way sister...Debi Drawdy

  2. Oh I loooove what Debi said ... she said everything I would have said ...had she not beaten me to it LMAO ...anyway, the one you emailed me yesterday ... I read it to Scott cause he wanted to know what I was laughing so hard about and he laughed just as hard as I did GF!!! And I for one do relate to a lot of what you have to say and you hit a chord when you said we all should be open ... it sure would make life easier but a lot of people sit on their pedestals and think I'm perfect when none of us are and those same people judge us when the ultimate judge is God!

  3. Ditto what they said!! I love all of your hit home alot more than you realize.:)

  4. You know girls'...there was so much more to yesterday's story than I was willing to tell. I tell the funny to forget about the sad. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer March, four years ago. We chose to have it removed. You all can do the medical search, but it seriously alters your personal relationships. So, if anyone was questioning my "need" when I have a husband,,it's answered. That loss is very sad for me, and very personal. So I choose to find the funny to keep from crying. And I have cried. Losing that in a relationship is very hard. On both partners. So, as you say, judge not, lest ye be judged. Sometimes the picture is not as clear as you think. Thank you three for your comments...I love you all.

  5. DITTO What Debi said, could not have said it better meself!! Keep on keepin' on Chelle...We love your thoughts and your ability to you gf~dhw