Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pretty Girls Are Blooming Everywhere

I was pretty preoccupied with talking about our Spring cleaning today. As we went through the day, I made notes in my head of things not to forget to say.

Around 6pm, Zach comes through, wants to know can he go with Michael. His bud. To Kay and Olivia's house. Sisters. He's finished the paper he has to write for History. Thanks to the head ups from Ashley King. I made sure that got done today. While I was home and could read it. So I say yes, when he asks.

I'm on the front porch glider when they all pull up. Michael gets out, and as usual, I'm janking with him. Telling them to all "roll out" where I can see them. And they do. All roll out. Two of the prettiest little blonde headed girls in Quincy got out of that truck. I already know Miss Kay and Miss Olivia. But today, I know them as girls. More specifically as girlfriends. As pretty girls that two handsome boys like.

And all of a sudden, it hits me like a ton of bricks. Here we are. At that place. My stomach starts to flitter around. And I watch them smiling and laughing, and arguing. Over who is going to sit on the speakers in the back seat. I'm trying NOT to think, who probably WON'T be sitting on the speakers. And where she probably WILL be sitting, for the couple of blocks ride, back to their house.

Two weeks come tomorrow, Zach will be driving alone. His world and my world are about to change. I already knew this was happening. I already knew all of this was coming. I've been talking about it for months now. Since the restoration of the truck began. But today. IT happened. It became real.

I forgot all about the flower bulb planting, the tree limb trimming, and the straw being pulled back and bagged. I forgot about the dirty looks, and the sour tones. The "why do we even do this every year" question.  The continued stream of trash talking passing between Father and Son. And, the showing out while I was trying to take pictures.

All of that seems like a million years ago now, as I think about all of those kids driving off from the house. Before Zach left, he went to his room and came back smelling like a cologne ad. All spiffed up and smelling good. Dating. Teenagers dating. I was so much younger the last time all this started. I think I was more alert. I'm thinking, I'm gonna have to start taking extra vitamins.

You know, everybody thinks Daddy's are horrible about their girls. I am here to tell you, Mama's and their boys....there is nothing that will touch it. Hurt feelings, broke hearts, and loving too hard too fast.  I am nowhere near ready for all that.

But Spring is coming...and love is in the air. There will be more than blooming flowers, green grass, bathing birds, and  butterfly's. Speaking of which..I saw my first butterfly of the season. We had just finished planting all the caladuim bulbs, and there she MaMa. A pretty yellow butterfly flitting around my cherry blossom blooms. She knew we were taking care of her today, planting her favorite.

So here I am. Waiting and watching to see what blooms.  Pretty girls and pretty flowers. Will the petals be soft or will they have thorns. It's a natural progression of life. Me fretting will not change things. I just need to sit back and enjoy the view. Of youth, love, laughter and blooms.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. Have you ever thought about writing? Or poetry?your really good at what u publish on here..

  2. Well..I did for a tiny bit..til my stuff was sent off and either not accepted or not acknowledged.. And thank you...but Josh is the writer in our family...I just write like I seems to work for this forum...BTW..which Jennifer is this?

  3. Forehand .. I have tried to add my picture and all but its not working

  4. LOL..I thought it was you...just wanted to make sure. A few people have had problems adding their pics..thank you for the nice comments..I saw them on another blog as well. I wish I could write well enough to get published..I would sure like to be doing something I "liked" for a living!

  5. BEA-U-TI-FUL! One word ... that's enough!!!

  6. I love it and I love reading I am ready for a novel I tell ya...Debi Drawdy