Thursday, February 17, 2011

You'll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You...

I wonder if they know, how special they are? I wonder if they know, they are a part of something that will be as wonderful as anything they will ever know again?

I wonder if that young man, the studier of bones, knows what that young man, the studier of words, is worth? What a genius mind he has, and what a heart of gold lies within the cage of his ribs. I wonder if the Bones Man knows that the Words Man once lay next to his mother all night long. When her blood pressure was so high, she was scared to go to sleep. Scared she would not wake up. And he watched. To make sure she did. Wake up. I hope the Bones Man knows, the Words Man, would do the same for him.

I wonder if the Bones Man knows that the Words Man was picked on and made fun of,  most all of his high school years.  But that the Word Man , never faltered. Never lost sight of his goal. Never changed his plan. Never took an easier road, to get to the finish line. I wonder if the Bones Man knows, how strong, the Words Man really is? How his silence can be louder than the spoken word. How what he does not say, means more than many that can be heard.

I wonder if the young girl, the player of softball, knows how faithful that young man of laughter can be?  What a loyal and kind-hearted young man is watching her play? I wonder if Softball Girl, knows how Funny Boy can lift his Mother's spirits when no one else can.  That as far back as she can remember, Funny Boy has been making her laugh on the very worst day, when no laughter seems possible. I hope the Softball Girl knows, the Funny Boy would do whatever it took, on her most awful day, to make her smile. 

I wonder if Softball Girl knows that Funny Boy, would defend her to the world, if he thought she was right? Even if everyone else thought she was wrong, Funny Boy, would stand by her side. I wonder if Softball Girl knows, that Funny Boy would defend her honor, should anyone disrespect or question her integrity? I hope Softball Girl knows, that even if he was the last man standing, Funny Boy, would never leave her side. Even when all the others, were already gone.

Word Man and Funny Boy belong to Proud Woman. Proud Woman has raised them both to do right by people. To honor their word, and be gentle to the hearts that pass through their lives. Proud Woman has raised them to apologize when they have caused pain, and to believe, hugs always make it feel better. Proud Woman has taught them to love strong, and to expect to receive no more than what you are willing to give. And Proud Woman has taught them to reverse all situations, to ensure, their position is the right position, when they choose to take a stand.

Proud Woman already knows Bones Man and Softball Girl are worthy of the attention they receive. For Word Man and Funny Boy, do not extend themselves with carelessness. They do not lend their hearts to foolishness. Word Man and Funny Boy are Proud Woman's world. And she hopes they always know that.

copyright © 2011 Michelle Mount Mims


  1. We had the song you used as your title sung at Mama's memorial service ... she sang it to us kids and all of her grandkids our minds, that song is our Mama!

  2. That's beautiful Debbie...and I know your Mama thought so too.

  3. And what an excellent job Proud Woman did raising two wonderful Men:) Josh & Zach are lucky to have You for a Mom!!

  4. I love it again.....Debi Drawdy